"Someone Does Care": Teen Celebrated Her Graduation By Throwing A Party For The Homeless

"Someone Does Care": Teen Celebrated Her Graduation By Throwing A Party For The Homeless

Leanne Carrasco, a high school graduate said, "There are a lot of people who need help. So I give it."

This graduation season while every high schooler decided to celebrate the completion of their graduation with friends and family, a Texas teen chose to rejoice her day by giving back to the society instead. Leanne Carrasco graduated from Waltrip High School this Saturday but did not want any graduation party of any sort to mark this occasion. The teen decided to provide pizza and care packages to the residents of the Star of Hope Family Development Center according to PEOPLE


The shelter she chose to celebrate her big day with is actually a homeless shelter for children and women based in Houston reported KTRK. Carrasco has volunteered for the Star several times over the past few years. And this time the recent Waltrip High School grad wanted to give the needy a day that they would all remember for the rest of their lives. "I didn’t want to spend so much money either on a party, when that’s just gonna last a day," she told KTRK. "I feel that if I’m able to give to the people that will last more than a day. I just want people to be able to have some stuff that they don’t normally have," she added.


Footage of the teen serving food to the residents with the help of a few other friends surfaced and successfully warmed all our hearts. You can clearly see how happy the inhabitants of the shelter were on receiving a small token of Carrasco's thoughtfulness. According to a report by CNN, the high school graduate ordered 95 pizzas that she and her friends distributed equally among women and children. Speaking about the lack of opportunities to enjoy themselves teen said, "Not a lot of people have the same options as me. It's not fair." She added, "There are a lot of people who need help. So I give it."


The teen had been planning this for a month now. Every year she took some time out of her schedule to help these people in any way possible but this time it was different. She wanted to do something special for them. So, she formed a group of her friends and began planning the event. A month prior to this party, Carrasco and her pals had been collecting hundreds of toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorants, and hand wipes. After the collection part was over they carefully packed each item into 400 hygiene bags which they ultimately distributed among the residents of the shelter. 


The party was all set to be thrown on the day right after her graduation. And so on Sunday the thoughtful graduate and her friends spread smiles all across the room by distributing pizzas and care packages, and both the items were a big hit! It was not just about the food or the hygiene products that these students wanted to give the people. It was love and respect. A spokesman for Star of Hope, Scott Arthur said, "They (the teens) had respect for these people. They saw them as peers." In addition to that, he said, "The residents saw this as a validation that people do care."


Serving over 200 people the teenagers made the otherwise mundane day of the shelter occupants a fun-filled one. "It was a very magical day. It gives you a hope for the youth of today. They (the high schoolers) were able to think of other people," said Arthur speaking about this kind gesture. "While the teenager and her gang of friends did the needful, the residents of the shelter moved by their actions too expressed their gratitude by giving them a standing ovation and lining up to give them a hug that they very much deserved. 


"I told her this was her final exam, and she got an A-plus," revealed Arthur. Now some would say that this was a one-time thing this young girl did, but that's hardly the case. Carrasco wants to study nursing at the Briar Cliff University and plans on enrolling this fall. The school took to Facebook to appreciate Carrasco's gesture. The post read: Incoming Charger Leanne Carrasco recently graduated from Waltrip High School in Houston, Texas. To celebrate the occasion, she skipped the big graduation bash and hosted a pizza party for homeless residents at Star of Hope's Women and Family Development Center. She plans to study nursing here at The Cliff! 


"I think you should always know you're lucky to have what you have," she said. "Don't take that for granted and continue to give." Furthermore, she added how the opportunity to serve these people was a blessing. "I just want to be a blessing and show these beautiful women and children that no matter what, someone does care," she said adding, "Parties, they don’t last that long, only a couple of hours. Probably, I won’t even remember it. But being able to give to these people, it means a lot."


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