Dog "Cries" After It Was Forced To Eat A Bowl Of Chillies By Cruel Owner

Dog "Cries" After It Was Forced To Eat A Bowl Of Chillies By Cruel Owner

Even though the dog is visibly distressed, with tears flowing down its face, the owner says "he is enjoying it."

Image Source: YouTube/Thedamneddarkness

For some, dogs are nothing but a mere accessory. They have no idea how to treat them and end up abusing them, just for the sake of a few shares and reshares on social media. According to Daily Mail, a dog in China was forced to eat a huge bowl of red chillies during a live-stream. The poor dog had tears running down its face because the chillies were too spicy. This rather cruel trend is a part of an animal binge-eating videos that has emerged on Chinese social media, otherwise known as "chibo" or "mukbang". Daily Star reports that the disturbing trend started after China's crackdown on mukbang bloggers in an attempt to reduce food waste. 



President Xi launched an "Operation Empty Plate" campaign against food waste in August, but before that mukbang -a phenomenon originating from South Korea- was quite popular. Basically, the vlogger consumes a rather excessive amount of food while they interact with the viewers. While the government blocked all mukbang content from popular live-streaming sites such as Douyin, a Chinese version of TikTok, people have been taking advantage of the situation and have been feeding their pets an excessive amount of food to keep their followers entertained. 



In one clip, a dog owner feeds his German shepherd a bowl full of Sichuan chilli chicken, which causes the dog to experience a tingling and numbing sensation. "Alright, let's give our handsome Shuaishuai a taste of Chongqing. This is a dish of chilli chicken," the man can be heard saying in the video. Even though the dog is visibly distressed, with tears flowing down its face, the owner says "He is enjoying it." If you type in Animal Mukbang into YouTube, thousands of videos pop up, with animals of all kinds being fed various food items. Animal activists have been actively slamming pet owners for forcing their dogs to eat a lot of food just for social media fame. 


Will Connolly shared on Facebook: Whoever's doing this for a challenge is disgusting and vile that poor dog doesn't know what it's eating it's revolting how can someone do that to a poor defenseless animal that like a TLC not feed it stuff like that they should be banned from having dogs if they are doing a challenge like that just wrong!!!! Maureen Sandford added: What is the problem with these people do they just enjoy cruelty. I am starting to think they do. So where is this going to end. It feels very sad and i don't think i want to be part is this world. Miriam Ali added: People that follow these internet trends have no intelligence what so ever.



On Twitter, too, people were outraged, with one person sharing: It's not crying. It's a chemical reaction to the sensitive eyes, the chillies are burning the eyes and create tears [or watery eyes], it's the same reaction for humans too when they eat chillies or raw onions. But If you don't get that, you might be life-less and dead inside. Another replied saying: The only life-less and dead inside one here is the heartless bastard that would do this to his dog. Does the dog look like he is enjoying the experience? Plus if there were any onions in that mix, that would be toxic. A third shared: I know. Feeding a dog chillies is not healthy and his stomach or guts could be damaged by this. It's unnatural. That guy who does that is not a good person but why does the paper print it, without consequences? Just send someone and take that poor dog to a safe place.





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