Teenager Bleeds Into Her Clothes After Teacher Asks Her To "Control Her Period", Denies Toilet Break

Teenager Bleeds Into Her Clothes After Teacher Asks Her To "Control Her Period", Denies Toilet Break

"I just grabbed my (sanitary) pad and went to the toilet. When I tried to come back into the classroom the teacher told me that my bag was in another room and I could not go back to class," said 14-year-old Maisie-Rae.

A ninth-grade teenage girl claimed that her teacher asked her "control her periods" when she asked if she could go the washroom. 14-year-old, Maisie-Rae Adams, then recalled storming out of the classroom despite her teacher's remarks as she had no other choice. Despite the humiliation, Maisie-Rae returned to the class only to be refused entry reported the Independent. The student was intimated that she could bot enter the room and found that her bag too was moved to another room and asked to leave. Sharing further, the student at Rednock School in Dursley in Gloucester informed how she had already received three detentions for asked to go the washroom while she was on her period.



She also revealed how endometriosis runs in her family and also claims how she suffers heavy flow every month and sometimes the menstrual cycle happens thrice in 30 days. Maisie-Rae at one such occasion was not allowed and she had an embarrassing accident. Speaking to a local news channel Gloucestershire Live, Maisie-Rae informed how her upset mother Kelly, 36, reached out to the school and had a meeting about what had happened. However, the headteacher said, "the situation is not as has been interpreted."  The mother-of-four expressed, "When Maisie told me about it I felt so angry that I could cry." 



Continuing further she said, "She is a mini-me. With her confidence and even her shyness we are the same. I know how she feels. Maisie felt humiliated and embarrassed and it is horrible what happened to her." Detailing the proceedings of this meeting Kelly said, "We had a meeting at the school at 8 a.m. on Thursday. It was explained to me that Maisie had apparently raised her voice and walked out of the room." She continued, "Maisie had not wanted to be late to the lesson so she waited till she got there and asked. She should never have had detention for needing to go to the toilet during her period." 



Revealing how surprised the whole class was with the teacher's reaction Maisie-Rae said, "The class seemed to be in shock at what happened as well." Adding further she said, "I just grabbed my (sanitary) pad and went to the toilet. When I tried to come back into the classroom the teacher told me that my bag was in another room and I could not go back to class." Both the mother-daughter duo have been working towards eradicating the periods taboo among female students. "Me and mum have had a talk and we want to be able to let the teachers know discreetly that girls are on their periods," said the 14-year-old. 


In order to make the transition of a girl into her womanhood a little smoother, they have been working on a few proposals. "The school have said to us in the meeting that they have a pink card policy that the girls can show the teacher," said Kelly of her one of them. She also revealed, "Maisie was not aware of this though. I think it would be a good idea to get the girls wearing a little pink wristband and then it would show the teachers and others that the girl is on her period and that they may be a little emotional and not able to concentrate that week."


Sharing how she has spoken to the principal about the same she said, "I have spoken to the headteacher at the school who is very interested at the proposal." In addition to this, Kelly expressed, "I want to be able to go into the school and talk about what happens to the girls and we need to make sure that the girls are not ashamed of what is happening to their bodies." David Alexander, the headteacher said, "I cannot talk about individual students or events which can identify individual students, however, I can talk about what we do." As Investigations are being carried out the authorities confessed they could not comment on anything until they get to the bottom of it. 


"We do allow students to go to the toilet for issues relating to their periods. In fact we have 'time out' cards specifically for that purpose - we introduced this to all girls in assemblies at the start of the year," continued Alexander. "Every girl had the opportunity to carry one. The system does work effectively and is discreet. We are sensitive to the needs of all students but especially girls in this situation, who are developing emotionally and physically. We do support students and we have four Community support officers. These are non- teachers so available throughout the day. They are all female and  so are adept in dealing with this type of situation."


Furthermore, the headteacher informed how the school does indeed "provide free tampons and sanitary towels for those who need them." Sharing how he has spoken to Maisie-Rae and her mother Alexander said, "I have met the parent and the student this morning before school. I am talking to them tonight and will follow up tomorrow." Adding further he said, "The situation is not as has been interpreted, but I cannot go into details. Clearly, we will reflect on this so that we learn from it and improve."


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