Teacher Loses Job After Telling First Graders That Santa And The Tooth Fairy Aren't Real

Teacher Loses Job After Telling First Graders That Santa And The Tooth Fairy Aren't Real

While what the teacher said is the truth, was it necessary to break it to 6-year olds?

Most of us would be on our best behavior just to ensure that we do not make it to Santa's naughty list and come Christmas, we'd get a gift of our choice! The tale of the tooth fairy is also one that most of us grew up believing in. She would come and collect the tooth that we lost and pay us for it. Ah, nostalgic. Even though we have grown out of these, they make for a happy part of our childhood memories. We had something to look forward to every year. This year, however, it seems like a teacher from Brooklyn is making it to Santa's naughty list, according to Fox News.


Parents of students at a Park Slope school were in for a shock because their children came home crying on Monday as their substitute teacher told them some shocking news. "It's three weeks before Christmas," one mother told News 12. "These kids are 6 years old." She said she knows each family believes different things: "It's what makes New York City great. There's still this magic of childhood." Even if each family celebrates the holidays differently, the teacher should not have revealed something like this to six-year-old kids. 


The principal of P.S. 321 said she was "extremely upset" to hear about the substitute teacher telling kids that Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy aren't real during a lesson about "convincing." "I guarantee you that this substitute will not be in class 1-216 again," She said in a letter to parents. "We take this very seriously." Other people too, were offended by the guts the substitute teacher had to break the bubble and deprive these young kids of their fairytale childhood.


Diane Wolleson Stephens wrote: "I would like to see her lesson plans. I am certain that it was not part of the state curriculum. Shame on the teacher." Heather Lynch, however, wrote: "You mean, She told them the TRUTH! What a novel idea. It is ridiculous that they are thinking of firing someone because they educated children with the truth. As long as it was said with kindness and not in a mean spirited way, I say good for her!"


Larry Tyson Snyder added: "The teacher, was a substitute and the principle simply said they will not use that sub anymore. I am sure the substitute can work at other schools. Telling the truth should not get you in trouble though." Madelyne Steen posted: "Ridiculous and I’d be super pissed. Yes, we know the truth but don’t ruin it for my kids. They are only young once. And they deserve to believe in magic a little bit longer. This world will show them the ugly truth soon enough."


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