People Are Supergluing Their Lips To Make Them Look Fuller

People Are Supergluing Their Lips To Make Them Look Fuller

After a TikTok user introduced this bizarre new trend, it convinced others to follow the same.

So, what's with this weird obsession of making your lips plumper? I guess, it has a lot to do with celebrities and YouTubers showing how thicker lips could actually transform your look, just take Kylie Jenner for example. Now those who aren't blessed with it, they often get a non-surgical procedure of getting lip fillers which could easily cost them around £150 to £300 ($185 to $370) every session as per Popbuzz.com. However, not everyone can afford that. Naturally, they are forced to come up with some innovative yet bizarre "fashion hacks."


This time around, it involves gluing one's upper lip to their Cupid's bow, in order to, achieve the plenty lip look. A TikTok user @chloehammock4's video suddenly went viral which shows her applying some adhesive on her cupid's bow before attaching her upper lip. She then completes this look with a Kylie Cosmetics lipstick. And of course, it went viral because what's logic in the face of a brand new fashion trend, right? Posted on September 7, the video has been viewed over seven million times, amassing over 350,000 likes and 68,000 shares. 


Looks like the 2015 Kylie Jenner Challenge is making its way back. Only this time it's not about squeezing your lips inside the tops of bottles or shot glasses to swell it up. Back then, the insane trend was slammed for causing bruises around the region which was crammed in a tiny space for quite some time. Sure, the recent trend won't give one scary bruising like the Kylie Jenner Challenge, however, the glue could lead to an allergic reaction, especially when it's applied in the mouth region. According to News.com.au, some people used super glue instead of lash glue. And that's why it's regarded as a "ridiculous" trend.

Unfortunately, it didn't stop people from posting their own videos trying this hack. Here are a few of them:























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