These Dreamy Succulent Plants Look Like Tiny Opals, And They Are Gorgeous

These Dreamy Succulent Plants Look Like Tiny Opals, And They Are Gorgeous

These see-through succulent plants resemble little opals are the masterpiece everyone wants to have in their garden or inside their homes.

Image Source: Instagram/suculentaslindass

Whether you have a green thumb or not, everyone wants a piece of these cute succulents in their homes to make their homes feel brighter. Thanks to the abundance of various gardening articles and videos, succulents are currently one of the most trendings plants. From beautiful bunny-like shape to the shape of a heart, it is something everyone wants to have in their garden or inside their homes. Now, there is a gorgeous succulent that resembles tiny opals!


Yes, you heard me right, this dreamy plant could easily be a masterpiece you would wish to keep in every room of your house. I sure do!  What's even better is that you can effortlessly maintain these plants as they are incredibly easy to maintain. Today, when most of us don't have time to carefully grow a plant but still want one, these could be a great alternative as they are required to be watered whenever their soil is dry to touch. 





Among several other varieties, the opal-like succulent seems to be one of the prettiest. The clear plants are from the Haworthia family of succulents, according to Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons. This means that they are tiny succulents with big leaves or rosettes. Now, if you are wondering how to plant them, there's no need to worry as we've got you covered. All you need is a pack of seeds that can be easily found on Etsy.  


The plants need a cactus mix soil which drains quickly. Unlike most plants, these succulents need more coarse soil. Now, plant the succulents and place them in a brightly lit area of your house. However, make sure not to place them under direct sunlight, especially when the sun is the hottest during the day, as it could easily kill them off. The plants do need light but not a lot of it. So, a window sill might be the perfect area only of it gets sufficient light during the day. During summer, it might only require to be watered once a week, but during winters it could just be once a month. 


As for the right time to water these plants, check the topsoil. If it's dry to touch, then water it; if not, you're good to go. The important thing to keep in mind is not to overwater or underwater them. Although figuring this out might sound difficult at first, you will understand what your plant needs once you get one for yourself. Now, if you tend to forget about watering the plant, just set a reminder. One of the primary reasons why everyone loves them is because they don't constantly need to be tended to.



If you're an outdoorsy person, then maybe you could give the jellyfish succulents a whirl. They are a cluster of succulents placed in a hanging basket which also includes vine-like plants growing down whimsically towards the ground, giving it a jellyfish-like appearance. These plants are actually the perfect option for beginners. Plus, they can instantly give your garden the fairytale-like touch you have always been dreaming about. It looks like an aquarium with the beauties hanging on your front porch. Click here to find out how to plant them. 


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