These Magical Color-Changing Succulents Turn Bright Pink In Sunlight

These Magical Color-Changing Succulents Turn Bright Pink In Sunlight

If you're seeking something unique that will instantly make you feel magical, then the Sedeveria pink ruby is perfect for you.

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Succulents are a treat to grow not only they make your home look a little brighter but also because they come in adorable shapes and sizes. Unlike most plants, this category of plants is easy to look after and have a variety of option to choose from depending on your taste. If you're going for an adorable look, you can always the heart or bunny-shaped ones, but for a more dreamy feel, the options range from see-through succulents to the ones that look like a jellyfish. However, if you're seeking something unique that will instantly make you feel magical, then the Sedeveria pink ruby is perfect for you. 


This particular strain of succulents magically changes throughout the year from green to bright pink, according to Pop Sugar. Not everyone is fond of seeing the same regular old plants sitting their gardens for years and that's when the 'pink ruby' succulent comes into play. By changing its color throughout the year, it's sure to give you a run for your money. I'm sure you must be wondering how this 'magical' process works. Well, it's common for many succulents to change its color and turn pink or red when exposed to stressful or extreme conditions like a change in temperature, reduction in water levels, or the amount of sunlight.


While most aren't affected much, the Sedeveria pink ruby's dramatic response makes it unique, according to Best. It's actually a hybrid created by the cross between plants Echeverria and Sedum. The beautiful plant is actually small, which grows and created thick rosette formations. They are usually green, blue-green or silver-green in color, but can also have colorful features. When exposed to stressful conditions like the bright sun, the Sedeveria Pink Ruby slowly changes its color and turns bright pink and red, explains Apartment Therapy.



The Next Gardener, an Etsy shop, explains how this pink ruby succulent changes it's color throughout the year. Apparently, it's the darkest shade of pink during fall right until spring. The color fades away in the summers and might go back to its original green color. You can easily get these bright succulents, which are sure to make your house look beautiful, by visiting Amazon or Etsy. If you're still not convinced, know this that the succulents require very little maintenance, according to Gardening Know How. All you need to do is give it a little water, whenever needed, and keep it in a place where it can get a lot of sunlight. It will surely make your room pop for a long time. 




The best part about succulents is that anyone can grow them, green thumb or not. But if you're looking for something a little more unusual you can always opt for a gorgeous succulent that resembles tiny opals! This dreamy plant could easily be a masterpiece that your house has been lacking. The clear plants are from the Haworthia family of succulents, which means that they have tiny succulents with big leaves or rosettes. Most of us today don't have time to carefully grow a plant but still want one. So, this could be a great alternative as succulents are required to be watered whenever their soil is dry to touch. 


To plant them you would need a cactus mix soil which drains quickly as they require more coarse soil. Plant the succulents and place them in a brightly lit area of your house but make sure that they are not sitting under direct sunlight, as they could easily die during the hottest time of the day. The plants do need light but not a lot of it. So, a window sill might be the perfect area only of it gets sufficient light during the day. During summer, it might only require to be watered once a week, but during winters it could just be once a month. 


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