School Cafeteria Worker Empowers Students With Positive Messages Written On Bananas

School Cafeteria Worker Empowers Students With Positive Messages Written On Bananas

Stacey Truman has been writing these encouraging messages on bananas thus brightening up the kids day at school

Image Source: Twitter/Sharon Shewbridge

There is a myriad of ways to impart valuable lessons to kids. But the creativity employed in one Virginia elementary is simply unmatched. According to TODAY, a cafeteria worker came up with the genius idea of serving food to her students along with a side of empowerment. Stacey Truman, who has been working in the local school district for almost 15 years, has been with Kingston Elementary School for the past nine years. Recently, she began offering her students something unusual— bananas that have encouraging messages written on its peels. 


"I do it for my kids at home, so I decided to bring it here because they are like my kids, too," said Truman, who supervises operations in the school's cafeteria. Speaking to the outlet, she revealed that she had been doing this for several weeks but only began receiving attention when members of the staff started tweeting the photos of it. As expected it's a hit among students who have come up with creative names for the fruit. "The kids love it!" said Truman. "They [the kids and teachers] call them 'talking bananas!'"







These bananas feature many motivational messages like "Never give up," "Always do your best," "What you plant now, you will harvest later," "You’re amazing!" and "You are wise!" Truman comes up with these simple notes because she feels that it's something kids need to hear every day. She notes that whatever she writes for them is something that she herself would like to hear. The innovative idea for the banana messages was applauded by the school's principal Sharon Shwebridge who also shared some photos on Twitter. Since then, social media denizens have been raving about this cute and inspiring 'talking banana' idea, too!







In an email sent to TODAY, Shewbridge said, "I shared it on social media because we need more positive messages out there." Praising Truman, she continued, "Mrs. Truman is so encouraging and does so much for the students and staff at Kingston." She added that Truman who "values relationships with all of our students," was understandably left overwhelmed by the attention. "I think she would have preferred to stay anonymous," said Shewbridge. "I never expected recognition for this I’m just doing my job!" expressed Truman. Meanwhile, Shewbridge shared her excitement over this unexpected response from people. "I am so glad that it has been shared with so many. It would be great if all of our school cafeterias were able to share messages like this for their students, she said. 




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