Smart Stray Dog Limps Into A Vet Clinic All By Himself To Get His Injured Paw Treated

Smart Stray Dog Limps Into A Vet Clinic All By Himself To Get His Injured Paw Treated

On further examination, the vets also found out that he had a cancerous growth, for which he underwent chemotherapy

Image Source: YouTube/ 3W Daily

A stray dog with an injured paw hobbled into a vet's office by himself to seek treatment for his injury in Brazil. Veterinarian Dayse Silva was busy attending to customers from behind the counter at Vet VIP in Juazeiro do Norte, CearΓ‘, on Saturday, when the dog came in and checked his surroundings, before plopping himself on the ground, reports Daily Mail. Silva initially figured that the dog was limping due to an ingrown nail. The friendly pupper seemed grateful for her help as he greeted her with his paw and wagged his tail. As per Metro, the dog patiently waited as the doctor went to alert her colleagues about the wound. 



Further tests revealed the dog had a cancerous tumor in his genital area which required immediate chemotherapy. Silva believes the dog found his way into the clinic because he could smell the other animals there. She told local media: "It arrived quietly, showed its paw, and I went there to see what was going on and I immediately realized that it had bleeding in the penile region, but there was a much bigger problem that we only diagnosed later. It has a transmissible venereal tumor, common in stray animals. It also had an injury caused by a stuck nail."



The dog underwent chemo and now seems to be doing better. "He's very well. Excited, smart, very different from when he came here," Silva said, adding that, "He's no longer has any bleeding and shows no signs of being in pain. He reacted well to the first chemotherapy session and we will evaluate each new procedure to find out how many he will need."

The dog will remain at the clinic for about a month, and Silva has opened up her home to her new friend and brings him along when she gets to work. Once the dog is well enough to be discharged, he will be put up for adoption. 



Silva, who often leaves food and water out for strays, says she's extremely happy to help. "I am very happy to be able to help. It is a common practice in my clinic, if God permits, it will be found a very good home."

After reading about the story, Elaine McRae shared on Facebook: Aww. Animals are so intelligent. I wish people were as intelligent. What a great vet as well. Hope he has a loving home now. Rosemary Agius added: Aww poor baby to have a tumor on his paw, glad he received treatment for cancer on his paw and is being put up for adoption after he has his 30-day chemotherapy, god blend them all who saved his paw what a brave baby walking into a vet for treatment my heart sank.

Here's hoping this smart dog finds his forever home soon!



Another smart stray dog who was hungry had to resort to faking a broken leg to gain some attention and food, as reported earlier.  Footage shot in Bangkok, Thailand, shows a smart street dog nicknamed Gae by locals, who pretends to fake an injury to get sympathy and snacks from passersby. The video shows Gae dragging his feet along the ground as if severely injured. But the minute people come over to help him, he simply springs up and bounds away as if nothing happened.



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