Sweet And Thoughtful Stray Dog Spots A Pup Tied To A Railing, Goes All Out To Set Him Free

Sweet And Thoughtful Stray Dog Spots A Pup Tied To A Railing, Goes All Out To Set Him Free

The stray dog was seen gnawing at the leash of the pitbull who was tied outside a store in Novorossiysk in Russia.

It was an ordinary day in the town of Novorossiysk in Russia when Dimitry Timechenko, a resident, noticed something really extraordinary. He and his friend were busy visiting a store when they noticed a pitbull pup tied just outside the store to a railing. The owner had gone inside the store for some shopping and had left the pup for only a moment. The pitbull was lying on its stomach on the ground when a furry good samaritan just swooped in and started gnawing on the leash with the aim to free the pitbull.



The stray must have thought that the pit bull had been left behind by the owner and his good intentions made him try and free a dog he felt was abandoned and in need. Timchenko had seen this stray dog a number of times earlier and had noticed his intelligence before. He told The Dodo,  "I've seen this stray dog around town many times. He always uses the crosswalk to cross the street. He's a very smart dog."


 Not only was the dog intelligent, but it also turns out he was rather caring and thoughtful too.  The stray approached the pitbull patiently and tried loosening the leash he was tied to. He had to gnaw at it quite a bit before it finally came off.  Meanwhile, the pitbull lay on the ground, probably wondering what the stray was doing!  When he freed the pitbull, he did not stop there. Instead, he led the pitbull for some distance. 



The pitbull was rather reluctant at first but decided to join the stray anyway. Before the two dogs could go any further, Timechenko went inside the store and called the owner and told her what had transpired. "We went into the store and called the owner on the loudspeaker. She came outside to get her dog," said Timechenko. While the pitbull must have been quite happy to be reunited with its owner,  it's not a far-fetch thought to imagine that the dog might have considered going away on an adventure with his new pal.   



While it is not exactly known where the stray dog's origins are, Timchenko believes the dog to be in good health, despite living on the streets. Soon after the story of the stray's good deeds became public, a lot of people have come forward and hoped that the dog finds his forever home soon.  Others even came forward to adopt the stray dog.





Commenting on the heartwarming story, Regina Carter Ramey wrote, "Please keep us updated on Timchenko. He deserves a wonderful home." However, Apolonio Latar‏ believed that Timechenko should have done more to help the dog. She wroteIt s really incomprehensible and inexcusable as to why Dimitriy Timchenko and the owner of the pitbull that was tied up outside did not report the stray dog to an animal shelter. 

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