Inflatable Spiky Shower Curtain Helps Conserve Water By Kicking You Out After 4 Minutes

Inflatable Spiky Shower Curtain Helps Conserve Water By Kicking You Out After 4 Minutes

Although the installation is not commercialized yet, the creator Elisabeth Buecher wishes to put her green warrior to work ASAP!

With the rising temperature of the planet, the world seems to be heading towards a state of ecological distress which needs to be checked soon before its too late. Among several other effects that are brought about by global warming, water scarcity has to be the most challenging one. Of course, several environmentalists and activists have risen to the task by coming up with numerous energy-saving tips, which if followed by everyone could save us all!



Sometimes the effort to save nature comes from unexpected people, for example, an artist.  Designer Elisabeth Buecher came up with an innovative yet fun way to conserve water. This Textile-based installation artist and educator targetted one particular habit of ours which makes us spend a lot of water — long showers! There are people who feel bathrooms are the best place for them to formulate ideas and think in peace. And in doing so, they waste an unnecessary amount of water.



Well, nothing good comes without a certain degree of sacrifice and Buecher had the same concept in mind while designing her product. According to reports, she created a shower curtain that converts into spikes after you have spent four minutes in the shower.  That's it.  Quick and efficient, wouldn't you say so?


Initially, the spikes are deflated, but once time's up it inflates into a spikey monster that takes up much of the bathroom's space which is sure to dampen your will to continue on with this awkward experience. Buecher titled her creation 'My Shower is a Green Warrior' which will be "taking over the space and discouraging long water-wasting showers." Speaking about the product further, the educator said, "These curtains are not really for marketing but aim at provoking a debate around water issues."


"If you don’t want to get trapped you have to get out before it does and stop damaging the environment," she continued with her warning. This conceptual project was also displayed at the 2009 Milan Furniture Fair. According to a report by the Daily Mail, the London-based artist explained how Spiky the curtain works. Apparently, the taps are attached to a sensor that automatically inflates the non-hurtful cones once the four-minute limit is met.  Buecher told Huffington Post that she "wanted to find a creative way to force people to adjust their long shower habits."



"I do believe that it is very hard to do things that feel uncomfortable even if it is for our own good, [like] saving water, and we need a little help to force us to do it," she stated via an email. "I would love to develop it into a commercial product," she expressed. "People get very excited about it for lots of different reasons ... design, ecology, education, art. ... The curtains [create] a lot of interesting discussions across fields," she continued. 



Elaborating on this product a little more she wrote on her website: "I looked at the environmental issue of excessive water consumption. I designed a series of water-saving shower curtains which inflate after four minutes spent under the water, taking over the space and discouraging long water-wasting showers." Her invention hits us exactly where it hurts and we hope it hits the stores soon! Many Twitter users seemed to like this idea, too. @EmBeesWeb hilariously wrote: We do need more things to prevent people's roommates from making bad song choices. Here's what others had to say:










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