Woman Discovers Son's Bride Is Actually Her Long-Lost Daughter On Their Wedding Day

Woman Discovers Son's Bride Is Actually Her Long-Lost Daughter On Their Wedding Day

Despite the shocking revelation, the wedding went ahead as the bride and groom were not related biologically.

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What's a wedding without some drama? No matter how much time you take to carefully make arrangements for the special day, some things are just bound to not go our way. Tears, arguments, wrong flowers, a delay of some sort, are just a few hiccups that usually get in the way but what unfolded during a wedding in China is totally unheard of. The groom's mother discovered on the wedding day that the bride was her long-lost daughter. Apparently, the woman had been separated from her daughter for years but on the day of the ceremony, she happened to notice a birthmark on the bride's hand which was consistent with the one her daughter had. 



According to Times News Now, both the bride and the mother could be seen breaking down into tears as they embraced each other following the realization. The surprising reunion took place on March 31, in Suzhou, Jiangsu province. Daily Mail reports that on noticing the birthmark on the bride's hand, she became curious. So, she asked the parents if their daughter had been adopted and they were immediately taken aback as they had not revealed the information to anyone before. The bride's parents revealed how they had adopted the girl after finding her by the side of a road more than 20 years ago. 


This surprising information did not cause any hindrance in the wedding as the bride and the groom were not related to each other biologically. As it turns out the woman had lost her daughter and after searching for years in vain, she decided to adopt a child, who turned out to be the groom. This meant that the couple was not related to each other in any way, thus the union went ahead without any problems. After hearing the story from both ends, the bride reportedly burst into tears. She described the moment of finally meeting her biological mother as "happier than the wedding day itself."



A few years ago, another shocking incident unfolded during a wedding but there was nothing positive about it, unlike the recent one. A groom was filmed violently slapping his newlywed bride just because she dared to playfully prank him, we reported. The wedding, which is believed to have been taken place in Central Asia, was supposed to be an endearing moment between two souls embarking on a beautiful journey of togetherness. However, it turned sour after the man hit the woman with enough force that toppled her over onto the seat behind her. 


In the video, the groom is first seen feeding his wife a piece of their wedding cake. But when it was his turn to eat it, the bride playfully moved the slice of cake away from him before quickly bringing it near his mouth again. Before she could actually feed the cake to the groom, he exploded in a fit of rage after being denied his cake the first time. Guests were left just as shocked as no one expected to see the groom brazenly assault his wife. What's surprising is that no one smashed the rest of the cake onto his unsmiling face as the man didn't even look apologetic for his violent reaction that possibly left the bride traumatized on their wedding day.

There was a man standing behind the groom who attempted to restrict him while the humiliated bride tried to regain her footing. Having exerted his dominance over his wife publicly, the groom stood tall to prove his manliness by disciplining his wife. However, the fact that it was the most revolting thing he could have done remained unchanged. 

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