You Can Now Charge Your Mobile Phones With These Solar-Powered Baseball Hats

You Can Now Charge Your Mobile Phones With These Solar-Powered Baseball Hats

These eco-friendly charging hats are perfect for a hike or a day at the beach. They even make for great gift ideas.

A solar charger is a charger that employs solar energy to supply electricity to devices or batteries.  The average solar-powered charger takes between 6 and 10 hours to charge an electronic device, such as a cell phone. Unfortunately, most of these chargers only work in direct sunlight, which makes them ineffective on overcast days.

But what is the most convenient apparel or accessory that will get your solar-powered chargers the maximum exposure to direct sunlight? Yep, you guessed it, hats! SOLSOL's solar-paneled charging hats come with 5 solar panels on the brims of the hats and require no battery or outlet to charge.





Yeah, so what we're saying is you can pretty much plug in your phone or tablet to this hat and it charges smoothly as you're taking a walk down your street or relaxing by the beach on a sunny day. The hats are selling at $36.00 each on the store's website



The company SOLSOL claims that they are not just a 'brand' but also a positive statement for everyone who believes in clean energy, in healing our planet and making a difference! Solar energy is renewable, sustainable and abundant, and it produces zero harmful emissions to the environment as it creates power.

That big yellow sun is as “green” as they come. Solar panels have the ability to harness energy while not causing air pollution, which makes them ultra-environmentally friendly.



The SOLSOL solar charging cap is compatible with Android devices, iPhones, iPads, iPods, as well as pretty much anything that can connect to a USB port. It does not emit any electromagnetic radiation and is made from 100% cotton along with the highest performance solar cells available (about 18% efficiency).



The hats come in different colors to choose from, and also has multiple sizes that are sure to make a perfect fit on anyone's head. Just remember that these hats harness solar energy through the use of high-efficiency solar cells, so, it works only when there is plenty of sunlight.  Rapid movement in and out of the sun will cause intermittent charging and could actually reduce your existing battery charge. 



The company has also claimed that the hats are water-resistant as long as they're not completely submerged.  "It is, actually, just as water-resistant as your phone  (unless you have a totally submersible phone).  And, if you are caught in the rain, you might not be using your SOLSOL™ since it requires sunlight.  Please, try not to test its resistance to water.  Please take proper care of this great product," the brand said on their website. 


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