Hero Dog Shot Twice In The Leg Survives And Protects Young Girl From Armed Home Intruders

Hero Dog Shot Twice In The Leg Survives And Protects Young Girl From Armed Home Intruders

A 2-year-old Yorkshire terrier named Starla chased after the armed intruders and didn't stop even after getting shot in her legs.

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Size definitely doesn't matter, just ask the owners of a Yorkshire terrier named Starla, who courageously protected a young girl from dangerous home intruders. On Tuesday, two armed thieves chose the wrong house to mess with. They attempted to break into Dion Ewing’s South Fulton, Georgia home around 3 p.m. No one but Ewing’s niece and the dog was present in the residence during that time, reports WGCL. The girl received an alert on her phone when someone was dangerously close to the door. "My niece got an alert on her phone, um, about somebody approaching," recalled Ewing. 


The young girl watched the two men trying to force their way in. Eventually, they succeeded. "The other partner turned around and started kicking it from the back and he kicked it about two times and then the back came open. The door came open," she said. Soon after entering the house, they threatened to shoot the girl but decided to get the dog out of the way first. They fired two shots at Starla and that's when Ewing's niece got an opportunity to escape through the garage. But the men continued to chase after her. 


"But as she was running out, the one who had the gun asked the other one if they wanted them to shoot her," said Ewing. Thankfully, they didn't shoot the girl as they were distracted by someone else. It was Starla, who despite being shot chased after the men to protect the girl. "They were chasing her out and the dog was chasing behind them. Even after being shot," she emphasized. Thus, the robbers decided to flee the scene and not pursue their target any longer. "They're cowards. I think that, you know, if you know anything, please turn them in," urged Ewing. 


Speaking of her 2-year-old dog, she proudly noted, "This little thing right here. It’s just like a little guard dog." Although Starla managed to keep Ewing's niece safe, she got hurt in the process. She sustained injuries in both her fore and hind legs but the family is now trying to limit her movements to allow her to recover quickly. "We are trying to keep her limited on the moving because of where she got injured at. They don't want her to rip her lacerations," said  Ewing. "She got shot in her front leg and back leg."

More often than not we hear about the heroics of dogs, but not all of them are lucky to survive. Last year, a dog sacrificed his life to save a family in Houston, Texas, after a gunman opened fire during a children's birthday party. Laura Martinez was hosting a celebration for her youngest daughter on March 10, when a teenager from their neighborhood showed up and began shooting. In a GoFundMe page, she explained, "I finally walked up closer to him and said you need to leave now.  He punched me in the face, my son Patrick was standing beside me and immediately hit him back. The boy backed up slightly pulled a gun from his waist and began shooting.  My son Taylor was hit in the ankle,  the bullet is lodged in the bone and he requires surgery to fix the damage and remove the bullet. Because of this, he is now on crutches, he cannot work."

Image Source: GoFundMe

"My dog Zero, jumped up and bit the boy, he shot Zero, my dog fell and the boy then fired 3 more shots, 2 hit my daughter Valori (Pace), 1 in the back 1/4 inches from her spine and 1 in the back of her thigh,  the other hit the bbq pit. Zero then jumped again and knocked the boy down, he shot Zero 2 more times before he fell again, the boy then shot 5 more times 1 bullet hitting me in the leg.  I am now on crutches and cannot work as I am a driver for Lyft and was shot in the right leg. I will have to see a vascular surgeon to prepare the damage," she continued. During an interview with ABC13, Martinez's daughter Valerie said, "He jumped up to protect us and never showed any fear, even when he was struck." With tears in her eyes, Martinez added, "I'm gonna miss him a lot."

Image Source: GoFundMe

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