Single Mom Raped By Soldier Who Said The Way She Dresses Is An Open Invitation

Single Mom Raped By Soldier Who Said The Way She Dresses Is An Open Invitation

He told her "men will take the way you look like an invitation" before sexually assaulting her.

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Trigger warning: This story contains instances of sexual abuse that readers may find disturbing. 

Georgia Hinton, 26, a mother-of-one, recently came out to share her horrific experience of being raped by a soldier, according to Mirror Online. The woman claims that she was sexually abused by a soldier in 2018 after he followed her to her home. Hinton says she met Serupepeli Niubasaga, 41, at her neighbor’s gathering in May 2018. However, she felt he was a creep immediately, especially because he wouldn't stop staring at her. Hours later, she went home to her baby, now six, only to find that the soldier had followed her back home. The man then allegedly raped her downstairs, while her daughter slept. 


Hinton says he told her "you need to listen to me, the way you dress in my country would attract the wrong attention." She said he continued saying "men will take the way you look like an invitation" before raping her. Hinton, a pharmacy assistant, said, “When I took my little girl to the BBQ that day, I had no idea what horrors lay ahead. I’m just glad I got my justice and he’s behind bars." The woman moved to Duke of Gloucester Barracks, South Cerney, Gloucestershire, with her ex-wife, a Postal and Courier Operator in the Army. The two met in 2016 and got married a year later. In 2018 their marriage fell apart. 


"After we announced our split, my now ex-wife was assigned new quarters and moved out.” Months later, in May 2018, Hinton dropped off her daughter from a previous relationship at their neighbor's house for a playdate. When she went back to pick her up they told her they were having a bbq and that she was invited to it. That's when she first caught a glimpse of the soldier. “I recognized him. He was one of my daughter’s nursery friend’s dad. I’d seen him at the nursery and supermarket before, but we’d never spoken." Things soon started getting quite uncomfortable for the woman. 


"Suddenly, he began to gawk at me. I immediately felt on edge. Then, he came over and introduced himself. But as we were chatting, he stared at my body. I realized he was a creep." So, she tried to weasel her way out of the situation, but Niubasanga wasn't ready to let her go that easy. He kept blocking her way whenever she tried to leave. “He kept saying ‘Where are you going?’ and ‘Stay longer.’ I sternly told him ‘No’, before joining my friends.” But even then, during the rest of the night, the scared woman felt like this monster's eyes were on her. By midnight, her daughter had fallen asleep, so she said goodbye and went home to put her daughter to bed. 


“I walked upstairs and tucked her into bed. Suddenly, I heard a creak behind me. I turned around and saw Niubasaga stood in the middle of the bedroom. My heart stopped. I realized he must’ve followed us home.” Niubasaga then ignored Hinton and walked up to her daughter’s bed and kneeled down. “He whispered  to my daughter ‘Go to sleep’ and ‘Be a good girl for your mummy.’ My little girl nodded, before drifting off. Petrified he’d hurt her, I calmly walked downstairs, hoping he’d follow me.” A terrified Hinton then sat down on the sofa in silence. "Niubasaga then kneeled down and said ‘You need to listen to me, the way you dress in my country would attract the wrong attention."


He then fondled her breasts, but the woman didn't scream in fear of waking her daughter up. Moments later, he raped her. He left afterward and finally the woman garnered enough strength and courage to tell a friend about what happened. In three hours, the police and Army welfare arrived. The next day, Niubasaga was arrested. However, the Army welfare kept saying that the rapist was innocent until proven guilty and that caused her to have panic attacks. Eventually she and her daughter moved 200 miles away to live with Hinton's family in Lowestoft, Suffolk.


In October 2019, there was a trial, but it was a hung jury. Finally, in July 2020, Serupepeli Niubusaga, 41, of South Cerney, was found guilty of one count of sexual assault and one count of rape against Georgia at Bristol Crown Court. He was jailed for seven years. “I went through hell during the two trials," says the victim. “The defense ridiculed me as a mother for not taking my daughter away. Meanwhile, Niubasaga lied through his teeth, telling the jury that I raped him. But thankfully, I was believed in the end. Sadly, not many women have got justice like me though. More needs to be more done for sexual assault victims in the Army.”


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