Single Father Adopts Abandoned Girl With Down Syndrome Who Was Rejected By 20 Families

Single Father Adopts Abandoned Girl With Down Syndrome Who Was Rejected By 20 Families

In a truly heartwarming tale of love and affection, Luca Trapanese knew in his heart that he was going to adopt and care for little Alba who had been rejected by multiple families.

Italian Man Luca Trapenese is an inspiration to us all. He has been active in social service programs since he was a teenager. Needless to say, when Alba, a baby girl born with Down syndrome was abandoned and rejected by several families, he just knew in his heart that he was going to adopt and raise her.


Alba's life began with much bitterness. Her mother rejected her after birth due to her "special needs". After she was put up for adoption, Alba wasn't chosen by multiple families, upto 20, to get a chance at a new life and home. That all changed when Luca came around, and her unfortunate circumstances suddenly turned around. Luca adopted her after she was passed on by families who just weren't ready to handle her condition and raise her. After all, it does take some extra care to bring up children born with genetic disorders. 



Since he was young, Luca had been volunteering at many social service programs and initiatives. He's been part of quite a few organizations, including A Ruota Libera” Foundation, a group that provides assistance to children with Down syndrome. “Since I was 14 years old, I have volunteered and worked with the disabled so I felt I had the right knowledge and experience to do it,” Luca said.


It wasn't easy for Luca to finalize Alba's adoption, but then again most procedures are difficult. The majority of adoption agencies are rather fond of 'traditional' families rather than the families or individuals that prefer to deviate from the usual norms that conventional families follow. Luca's case was no different. He is a homosexual man who is now single after an 11-year long relationship ended. Luca claims that he really wanted to adopt a child with a disability, even if it meant doing it alone. “For me, a disabled child is not a second choice solution, but a conscious choice with respect to my vocation and my abilities,” he said.


After the arduous process, Luca ended up accomplishing his motive and Alba is now a happy daughter in his home. He exclaims with joy that she has brought so much joy into his life ever since they became a family. Times have changed, nowadays people born with Down syndrome have much better lives than it was a few decades ago. The amount of medical science back then just wasn't efficient with handling the genetic condition, so babies who were born with it faced many health problems and had their lifespans cut short by several years. 




Alba and Luca are ready to live out a healthy life as father and daughter. They seem like a perfect match and are sure to make everyone around them very happy. Interestingly enough, a study published by the American Journal of Medical Genetics showed that families who live with people with Down syndrome have very high happiness rates. Luca now knows that he has much to look forward to now that he has his little princess by his side. 


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