Simone Biles Becomes First Woman To Land Gymnastics Triple-Double In Historic 6th National Win

Simone Biles Becomes First Woman To Land Gymnastics Triple-Double In Historic 6th National Win

The 5-time Olympics champion did these death-defying routines and won gold on Sunday at the US Gymnastics Championship in Kansas City, Missouri winning the competition for the sixth time.

Ace gymnast Simone Biles has done it again. Year after year, the 5-time Olympic champion does not cease to amaze and entertain. The fact that she won first place at the US Gymnastics Championship in Kansas City, Missouri, on Sunday for the sixth time is not the news everyone is talking about. It has come to be expected from Biles who has aced almost every single competition that she has participated in including the World Championship that she has won a record 14 times. People are raving about something that has never been done by a participant in the history of the competition before, and who better than achieve that milestone than Biles. 




On Sunday night, Biles became the first woman to ever land a triple-double in the US Gymnastic Championship during her floor routine CNN reports. Easily one of the hardest gymnastic routines to do, it's no wonder that not many people have ventured into this territory. According to NPR, Biles performed a triple-double for the first time at the competition on Friday. However, she was not at all pleased with her first attempt since her landing was faulty and she stumbled. The second time on Sunday, Biles soared through the air to complete two flips and three full twists, and stuck to her landing! The crowd went ballistic, and the judges were left speechless. 





Biles bagged a total score of 118.500, that was 5 points ahead Sunisa Lee who finished second place. While her triple-double routine was the cynosure of all eyes, she did perform other astounding flips and jumps as well that also wowed the crowds. Besides these, the other highlight of the night was another very difficult routine. The 22-year-old became the first gymnast to ever attempt and land a perfect double-double dismount off of a high beam.  





To put things into perspective, Clara Schroth-Lomady, who won her titles between 1945 and 1952 was the only woman to win six US all-around gold medals. Biles will soon head to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics which according to her will be her last. It's sad that such a legend will be bidding adieu to the sport very soon. Camy wrote on Twitter: #SimoneBiles is a superhero and I'd like to see anyone who tries to diminish her accomplishments with the ol' "but but but the floor is SPRING LOADED!!!!?!?!?!" attempt even a sixteenth of what she can.




Speaking before the competition, Biles touched upon a very different and controversial topic NPR reports. She criticized the USA Gymnastics, the national governing body of the sport, for failing in their duties and responsibilities of protecting its athletes against widespread abuse. She was referring to the 2018 revelations that became a humiliation to the national body and left the entire sporting world in a state of shock. Biles was one among many gymnasts who had been abused by Larry Nassar, the national team doctor. "You had one job. You literally had one job and you couldn't protect us," Biles said. 

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