This Comfortable Lay-Down Desk Allows You To Work Horizontally

This Comfortable Lay-Down Desk Allows You To Work Horizontally

The comfortable chair comes with a not so comfortable price of $7,650, however, it does allow you to use it as an office recliner.

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Of all the desks that have flown into the market promising comfort, the "zero gravity" desk seems to have kicked it up by another notch. It allows you to lie down while you're busy completing tasks on your computer. The traditional workplace ergonomics wouldn't consider a person lying down while working, but the zero gravity desk might just be here in time to give it a new shape.

Now, most workstations with seated desks and chairs lack the lumbar support required to comfort you through your working hours. Often these designs have caused physical discomfort to many of us. However, the Signature Altwork Station has been designed to put an end to such disappointments. This workstation has been constructed with a higher degree of freedom than ever attempted, with the aim to "create a massive selection of working positions." This means one can select any working position ranging from sitting upright to laying horizontally while working on your computer.


Detailing the product's characteristics, the company's website writes, "The Altwork Station supports your body and your work by seamlessly conforming your keyboard, desk, mouse, and monitor to your body." Furthermore, it adds that by eliminating the "discomfort of standard tables and chairs" people will be able to "focus longer on complex tasks." The company's website also showcases a visual demonstration, in order to outline the various possible ways to adjust and customize the chair. This tutorial-like video includes details of how to set the desk height to your hand level, desk orientation as per your required wrist alignment, positioning the headrest to adequately rest your head and neck.


For some, these settings might seem a lot of work but there's nothing to be worked up about because this chair has got your back. The technology used to create this product registers your desired specification and remains the same no matter what position you are working in. "The beauty of the Altwork is once the monitor, desk, headrest, and seat back are set at any one posture, they all follow your body over the full range of postures," explains the video.


"The monitor stays at a fixed distance and angle from the head, your fingers stay on the homepage of the keyboard, [and the] seat bottom tilts to keep you from sliding out of the chair." Additionally, there are magnets placed on either end of the keyboard, mouse, and desk to keep them in place. While this dream workstation, which is packed with comfort, is surely something one would love to get there hands on, the price to pay is not that comfortable. The chair retails for $7,650 and is on sale on their website


If you're hesitant about purchasing this product it is understandable, however, we do have something that might nudge you in the right direction. According to a report by PEOPLE, Mashable pointed out dozens of five-star reviews on the website of the company. "It’s hard to explain, but I’m able to unlock a level of focus and flow in my Altwork that I can’t get anywhere else. I’m just able to think and work at a higher level. OK, I admit that I initially bought it for the cool factor. But I’m keeping it because it helps me to accomplish more," wrote one customer. Currently, there's an ongoing new year's sale on the website so be sure to check it out. 


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