Sia Generously Paid Everyone's Bills At Walmart As A Pre-Thanksgiving Present

Sia Generously Paid Everyone's Bills At Walmart As A Pre-Thanksgiving Present

When Sia stopped by Walmart and TJ Maxx in Palm Springs to give shoppers a pre-Thanksgiving present, we were reminded how good it's to pay it forward.

Grammy-nominated singing sensation Sia is among those few celebrities who pay their good fortune forward. While most artists employ their charitable efforts for high-profile promotions, the 43-year-old singer prefers to keep her acts of kindness under wraps. On Wednesday, the Chandelier vocalist decided to pay the shoppers in Palm Springs a visit and give them a pre-Thanksgiving present. She stopped by a Walmart and a TJ Maxx that particular afternoon and went register by register paying everyone's grocery bills. 



Sia, who is known for her signature oversized wig that conceals her face, was obviously not recognized by unsuspecting customers who assumed that it was a random act of kindness of a stranger. Because most people in the shop did not know Sia's real identity, she told them that her name was "Cici." Providing a reason for her generous actions she continued explaining how she won a lottery and simply wanted to pay it forward, reports KESQ. Despite her efforts to keep a low profile, one fan successfully recognized her and she asked to click a picture with her the celebrity singer reportedly shrugged and said, "Sure, I’m Cici."


Although the shopper apologized to Sia for revealing her identity, she went ahead and shared a video of her charitable nature because she felt that the musician's "kindness must be acknowledged." Posting the video on Twitter Adri Buckles wrote: So @Sia paid for my groceries today thank you so much!! The heart and beautiful soul you have for paying for everyone!! I’m sorry for telling everyone once I realized who you were !! But this kindness must be acknowledged!!! Soon everyone in the store wanted to be photographed with the kind "Elastic Heart" singer. 



In the course of the heartwarming video, Sia can be seen casually switching place from one counter to the other asking people "Who's next?" and then using her card to pay for their purchases. Another video recorded at the same Walmart shows a woman hugging Sia while another is seen presenting her a bouquet of flowers to thank her for her kindness. According to a report by KESQ, Sia was spotted doing the same in TJ Maxx in the Palm Springs area. While speaking to the outlet one customer confessed that they didn't know who Sia was and only learned about her true identity after googling her photos. Met the most beautiful and positive human ever yesterday. Sia literally has no idea of how much she’s helped me with life, wrote another grateful fan. 


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