These Pictures Of This Adorable Shiba Inu Are Making People So Happy

These Pictures Of This Adorable Shiba Inu Are Making People So Happy

Photographer Masayo Ishizuki has been capturing her furry and rescue friend Hachi's pictures since years now.

From the land of the rising sun arises a photographer, Masayo Ishizuki, who beautifully captures Hitachi Seaside Park in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture. To add to the park's mesmerizing charm she places her muse Hachi, a Shiba Inu dog, against the blooming background of these flowers. The mommy photographer started clicking pictures of her muse a year after she got her. Of course, she couldn't keep these amazing results to herself and shy her audience away from this wonderful furry friend. I assure you this isn't an exaggeration because once you see these pictures for yourself you will surely agree with Hachi's 19.2k followers on Instagram.




During an interview with a media outlet Ishizuka said, "he looks really sharp in flowers and is ridiculously cute."




The photographer, also known as ISSY-RIDER, has switched to a single-lens reflex camera, since 2016. Ishizuki truly does justice to her best friend's well-known cuteness quotient. 




She also informs the outlet that her Hachi is a rescue dog who was very jumpy and nervous when she brought him in. "He was very scared of dogs, but now he is very friendly with everyone," said the photographer.




Shibu Inus are known for their friendly and faithful qualities, hence making them the perfect companion for humans in Japan, says the American Kennel Club


While they can be picky with food and a little cold towards strangers, they compensate for it with the immense love and loyalty they have for their masters. Ishizuki further informs us how Hachi is in fact not her first Shibu Inu, "Before that, I lived with Shiba Inu “Ron”, but he died in December 2015."




If you decide to get a Shibu Inu which is an increasingly popular breed in the U.S. you'd need to know a few things about them. While there strong muscular build would definitely attract you towards them you have to remember that they can be "bitchy dogs", exhibiting diva-like qualities.




The best part has to be its double-layered fur coat which is dirt resistant. This is a bonus as you won't have to wash a Shibu-Inu as much as you would other breed of dogs. Also, they are pretty clean themselves and love licking their paws clean from time to time.




The Shibu Inu is a popular Japanese symbol and when used as a centerpiece for these fragile and pretty things it evidently amplifies the whole picture.




An interesting fact - this breed of dogs belongs to the smallest of the six(Akita Inu, Shikoku Inu, Kishu Inu, Hokkaido, and Kai Ken) original Japanese dogs which were bred way before the 19th century. 




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