This Shelter Let Their Animals Pick Their Own Gift From Under The Tree For Christmas

This Shelter Let Their Animals Pick Their Own Gift From Under The Tree For Christmas

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL-Iowa) let their shelter pets pick a gift of their choice, and their reaction was priceless!

While Christmas is the time where families come together to share the holiday cheer with each other, you surely cannot deny that gifts play a huge role in making our day better. Keeping this spirit of Christmas in mind, one animal shelter decided to treat its residents with cute little presents, reports The Dodo

Back in 2016, the shelter placed several gifts underneath a giant Christmas tree and allowed the shelter pets to choose whichever they liked the most. Describing the priceless moment, Stephanie Filer, the manager of special gifts and partnerships for the Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL-Iowa) said, it's like "seeing kids on Christmas morning after Santa has made his deliveries." Furthermore, she revealed that the gifts were actually donated by folks in the community as part of ARL-Iowa's annual "Tree of Life" program. 



The Tree of Life is the kind of program that urges people to brings in pet food, supplies and toys that will easily last the shelter several months into the following new year. Four cats and five dogs got the opportunity to choose the present they liked the most from a huge pile of goodies that lay in front of them. Filer explained that their unique selection process was almost as fun to watch as seeing them enjoy their toys afterward. There were some who simply chose the fist toy they laid eyes on, while others took their time to sniff and make their final decision. 

But there was one dog called Boss who preferred to bask in the attention rather than the gifts itself. He was just overjoyed to be surrounded by everyone at the shelter that didn’t actually play with his toy until he was back in his kennel. The cats there mainly "enjoyed playing ON the donated items," revealed Filer. However, the icing on the cake was that all the animals at the shelter, save for one, found their forever homes that day. Although this happened a few years ago, there are plenty of instances when shelters actually involved the pets in our festive celebrations.

Recently one animal shelter in North Carolina provided a tasty treat to their pets for this year's Thanksgiving.


While the animals at the shelter awaited their forever homes, New Hanover Sheriff’s Office Animal Services Unit decided to make their day a little better. Taking to Facebook, the department wrote: Today every shelter animal also got a little bit of holiday cheer and happiness in their bowl! Shelter animals deserve a turkey dinner too and they loved theirs today! Please make sure anything you give your pets today is safe for them! Happy Thanksgiving from all of us with the Animal Services Unit!! 🦃🍁 The post was accompanied by several heartwarming pictures of the animals enjoying their feast. Dogs and cats can be seen relishing their delicious dinner of some shredded turkey, yams, mashed potatoes, green beans, and gravy.


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