Sharon Stone Blames Trump After Coronavirus Hits Her Family: "Don't Vote For A Killer"

Sharon Stone Blames Trump After Coronavirus Hits Her Family: "Don't Vote For A Killer"

Sharon Stone lost her grandmother and godmother to the virus. Her sister and brother-in-law also tested positive.

Image Source: Instagram/Sharon Stone

Actor Sharon Stone, best known for her role in Basic Instincts, took to Instagram to share a heart-wrenching video. Through the three-and-a-half minute long video clip, Stone went into detail about how the Coronavirus has affected her family. According to Independent Record, Stone has lost two family members to the virus and two more are fighting for their lives in the "COVID ward". The outbreak claimed the lives of her grandmother and godmother, and her sister and her sister's husband have also contracted the virus. "You, the people at the middle of our country, are at great risk of dying from COVID."


The 62-year-old actor spoke about the rules for testing in Montana. Apparently, you cannot get tested unless you are symptomatic. She claimed that officials were lying about testing and suspects that put her family at risk. Her mother, she said, "is asymptomatic but can't get a test despite having had two heart attacks, five stents and a pacemaker in the last five months." She thinks she could have been an asymptomatic carrier of the virus and could have given it to her sister and her brother-in-law. "People are dying and fighting for their lives because there's nothing but lies," Stone said.


Stone went on to say how she has been calling Montana’s Governor, Steve Bullock, as well as public health officials, but she hasn't received any response. She also blamed government officials for not enforcing the mandatory mask rule. This is probably why she took her complaint to social media. "The stress, the strain, the exhaustion that's happening in that hospital is met with a conflict around the courthouse where people are carrying guns and saying that it's their freedom not to have to wear a mask," Stone said. "The only thing that's gonna change this is if you vote. And if you vote for Biden and if you vote for Kamala Harris," Stone said.


She was clearly endorsing presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris. "With women in power, we will fight for our families. We will fight for people to live. And we will fight for people to get tested," she said. "Because the only countries that are doing well with COVID are the ones that have women in leadership." She concluded: "Please vote. And please, whatever you do, don't vote for a killer." Just a day ago, Stone had shared an image of her sister in the COVID Ward along with a caption saying that her sister Kelly contracted the virus because of one non-mask wearer. 


My sister Kelly, who already has lupus, now has COVID-19. This is her hospital room. One of you Non-Mask wearers did this. She does not have an immune system. The only place she went was the pharmacy. There is no testing in her county unless you are symptomatic, & then it’s 5 day wait for results. Can YOU FACE THIS ROOM ALONE? Wear a mask! For yourself and others. Please. Kelly Stone shared: This is us. March 13. Drove to our paradise in Montana. We thought covid wouldn’t and couldn’t find us. No shopping, no parties, barely saw a human. Now fighting for a breath.you don’t want covid.

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