20 Tweets That Aptly Describe What Sexting Looks Like After Marriage

20 Tweets That Aptly Describe What Sexting Looks Like After Marriage

It's not always going to be as steamy as it used to be when you were in a relationship. Face it, this is your life now!

When you're dating someone, you make sure you're on top of your game. Everything has to be perfect, and also hot & steamy. You want to spend every waking moment together, and since that's impossible, you satiate your need through text messages. It's all about balancing it with just the right amount of kink to keep them wanting more. There's no denying that sexting is fun and exciting. But, as always, it's a phase that doesn't really last, especially once you get married. If taking off clean underwear was what you had the hots for at one point, now it's going to be putting on clean underwear, because, priorities change. So, what exactly does sexting after marriage look like, if that does happen? Here are a few Tweets that might show you what it is!

1. This might get the kink back on tonight



2. Love is all about tolerating one another, even when you want to rip their heads off



3. Duty comes first, doesn't it? Rewards come after



4. The only trunk you're getting tonight



5. That exhilarating feeling of DOING IT!



6. Paid, for your pleasure



7. You get to make your own choices, too



8. Best way to keep the spark alive!



9. You know you're slacking when this makes you blush



10. What it means when the carpet's wet



11. A mix of hot and wet is so damn good!



12. What's mine is yours, honey



13. Just the married version of "I need my space"



14. Just the way you like it, baby



15. Always finish what you're doing before starting something new



16. There's no such thing as TMI when you're indulging in married sexting



17. The married equivalent to fancy undies



18. Quite the mood kill there, but salmonella is a killer, too!



19. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?



20. A lot hasn't changed, really


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