Senior Dogs Found Abandoned In Michigan Petco Bathroom

Senior Dogs Found Abandoned In Michigan Petco Bathroom

Workers at Petco found the senior dogs dumped in the bathroom. "They were shaking and they wanted to be together."

Abandoning a dog is one of the worst things any owner can do. The dogs build trust and have a very strong sense of attachment to the people taking care of them. Abandoning them makes the dogs feel helpless, scared, and makes it hard for them to trust anyone else ever again. Recently, a couple walked into Petco and wandering around the store, pretending to search for something to buy. The manager of the store found their behavior weird and suspicious. The couple entered the store with two large dogs who weren't seen to be wearing any collars. Their leashes were seen to looped together like a makeshift slipknot. This was a huge red flag for the manager. The dogs were left alone, tied up in the bathroom by the couple. The couple left soon after and the workers at the store found the two senior dogs inside the bathroom. The incident took place at the Petco store in Allen Park, Michigan, last Saturday evening. 

Rachel [the manager] approached them about the dogs not having collars on, wrote user Julie Sly, the woman who found out about the abandoned dogs, about the incident on Facebook. The couple said they forgot them at home, they just needed to pick up a few things, and proceeded to the back of the store where the dog food is. The couple tied the dogs up in the bathroom and fled the scene. They were long gone by the time the employees at the store started to hear plaintive cries coming from inside the bathroom. The employees were closing the store when they heard the dogs crying for help. 

Source: Facebook

The employees rushed to the bathroom and when they opened the door of one of the bathroom stalls and found the two senior dogs standing there, scared and lonely. The dogs were freed and taken care of by the employees. The incident was then reported to the manager who was quick to call the local animal rescue. However, the rescue informed the manager that they did not have any space to take more dogs in. The manager then posted a plea on Facebook, requesting people to step forward and take care of the dogs. Carol Lair, a board member of P.O.E.T Animal Rescue, saw the post and knew she had to help.


“It just kind of got to me about these old dogs,” said Lair in an interview with The Dodo. “People get tired of them and they get rid of them.” Lair arrived at the Petco store the very next morning to pick up the dogs. When she arrived, she noticed that the two senior dogs looked to be shaken up by the trauma they had witnessed the previous evening. “They were very, very scared,” said Lair. “They were shaking and they wanted to be together.” The feeling of abandonment made it hard for the dogs to trust the people that were trying to help them.

Source: Carol Lair

However, Lair was used to handling dogs that are dealing with trauma in her shelter. She managed to calm the dogs down and get them into the back of her car. The older of the two dogs started to become very curious and at one point even climbed onto Lair's lap. “She rolled the window up and down, and then she started moving the seat forward and back,” Lair said. “It was kind of funny.” The dogs have been placed in foster homes where they are kept safe and given enough love and care to help them get over the trauma as soon as possible.

Source: Carol Lair

The volunteers at the shelter have taken the liberty to name the two dogs Marigold and Daffodil. The dogs appeared to be well-fed even when they were found in the bathroom of the store. However, this does not mean that their lives have been nice and easy before they were rescued. “It looks like they’ve been bred many, many times,” Lair said. “It looks like they’ve been used a lot.” Regardless of what they have been through in the past, the dogs are determined to show that they still have a lot of love to give. 

Source: Carol Lair

The two dogs are in a very happy place now. They love to play fetch and tug-of-war with their foster family. They love everyone in their foster family and are constantly asking the family to pet them. However, the rescuers are worried about how the two will react when they are introduced to new people. It can be challenging for them to comfortable with someone new. “They like to be with people, but it takes them a little while to loosen up,” said Lair. “When they first meet someone and they’re standing there, their back ends are shaking really bad. It breaks my heart.”


“They’ve been through a lot,” Lair added. “We don’t even know the baggage they are bringing with them.” The rescuers believe that the dogs should be ready for adoption within a week's time. They will be vaccinated and spayed before being put up for adoption. “Right now we’re just feeding them and keeping them warm and safe,” Lair said. The two senior dogs are both housebroken and seem to be very laid-back and friendly when it comes to interacting with kids and even other animals. After all that they have been through, Lair believes that they need and deserve a home where they will constantly be showered by love. I would pick someone who is going to be home quite a bit and where they won’t be left alone a lot, because they do need some reassurance and confidence-building,” Lair said. “But I honestly think they’d do well in any home.”

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