Kind Man Adopts Dying Dog With Giant Head Tumor And Cares For Him During His Final Days

Kind Man Adopts Dying Dog With Giant Head Tumor And Cares For Him During His Final Days

Luciiano Karosas adopted Thanos because the terminal dog had fought several battles in its life.

Source: Instagram/luciianoKarosas

The hallmark of a real animal lover is a person who cares for a pet that needs their love and cares the most. Coco, the dog, was one that fell into the second category because it had a massive tumor that looked like a second head. People at the shelter were resigned to the fact that it would pass before someone came in to give him a loving home, reports The Animal Rescue Site.


That was until this incredible man walked in to adopt Coco and in doing so, he offered all the love the dog ever needed till the moment it breathed its last. Although the dog was originally named Coco, he was flipping between houses after four separate families gave him away because his condition was too hard to care for. The last owner who returned him then decided to name him Thanos. Although the name doesn't sound right, owner Luciiano Karosas felt he'd fought many battles with the tumor and the name was a fitting tribute. Thanos' condition was unlike anything seen before, there was a massive tumor on his head and the doctors have given a 40-day survival time for the super puppet. Realizing that it was the last chance to shower him with all the warmth, Karosas decided to take the dog in and keep him as happy as possible for the last few weeks of his life.


Speaking about his effort to Portal Amigocao, Karosas said: "It took me a while to come to terms with the idea that we don’t have much time together. I even took him to a vet who works with stem-cell treatments to see what we could do. I was looking for a ray of hope, but he told me there’s nothing that can be done to extend his life." Karosas, 21, from Berazategui, Argentina, also spoke about the time he adopted the dog. He said: "I came out with a piece of my heart in my hand," describing the moment he walked out of the shelter with Thanos is tow.


What followed then were close to two months of fun and games as the duo did just about everything together. According to Karosas, the tumor didn't take anything away from Thanos' personality and he enjoyed running around and playing with other dogs. Thanos even enjoyed snuggling in and doing nothing. The pair did have their fair share of fun but ultimately the time did arrive—a little under two months after he was adopted, Thanos passed away, knowing that he was loved by a doting human who made sure to keep him happy during the last few days. And in doing so, both the owner and the dog changed each other's lives forever, even though it occurred in a short span of 40-odd days.


According to the Animal Rescue Site, it is highly essential to build an environment where they can have fun while minimizing the risk of pain, discomfort, or distress, whether they are getting old or dealing with a terminal illness. Although coping with the fallout is emotionally tough, the site admits that it is necessary to ensure a safe passing. The rescue organization also offered a few signs to spot cancer which include masses, bad breath, loss of appetite, bloating, or weight loss. The organization also lauded Karosas for willingly adopting a pet with a terminal illness and fostering a safe environment where it was happy for the rest of its days.


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