White Supremacist Slaps & Punches Woman Who Tried To Stop Him From Entering The Restaurant

White Supremacist Slaps & Punches Woman Who Tried To Stop Him From Entering The Restaurant

The man later claimed he was suffering from psychological issues after he was detained

Image Source: YouTube/Steeve Jean Louis

A self-proclaimed white supremacist man covered in racist tattoos in Nokomis went on a tirade at Pop's Sunset and Grill, a restaurant in Florida, and even attacked a female staffer who tried to stop him from entering the premises. According to the Herald Tribune, 36-year-old Nicholas Arnold Schock was captured on camera by an onlooker, while he yelled, "I’m a white supremacist. The Aryan nation will rule the world. People covered in tattoos will be my closest relatives, I promise you."    



Schock entered the restaurant shirtless with his pants falling off. He made his way to the outside seating area where he made a sexual threat to a woman when two men approached him. The men reminded him that "there were children here" to which he replied, "I don’t care, call Donald Trump. Do you know Donald Trump? If you don’t know Donald Trump, I’m not going anywhere." He then proceeded to assault a woman staffer by slapping her first, followed by a punch that rendered her unconscious. Immediately, six restaurant patrons rushed to her aid. Another man subdued Schock by placing him in a headlock till officers arrived.





While being detained Schock screamed about white supremacy and the Aryan race. Multiple people took videos of the incident and handed it over to the police. One of the restaurant patrons posted the video on Facebook where it was viewed over 100,000 times. CBS Miami reports that Pop's Sunset and Grill, too, put out a statement following the incident. They said, "At approximately, 3 p.m. Friday afternoon, a troubled 36-year-old male entered our premises and immediately began spewing erratic hate dialogue. We made every effort to remove him within minutes after his arrival while simultaneously speaking with 911 dispatch police officers. Unfortunately, he violently attacked one of our staff. He was immediately subdued and held until the Sheriff arrived."



They continued, “We’d like to thank our community for their unparalleled support and empathy. Pop’s Sunset Grill is grateful of the heroic efforts of our staff, owner and customers that apprehended the individual within seconds of his violent assault of our brave bartender that stood between him and our customers in a protective mode. She is recovering at home on paid medical leave. In the 20 years of our current ownership this is the first incident of violent assault.”



A GoFundMe page was started for the staffer who was brutally assaulted and suffered a concussion to help her and her family in the interim. Schock was arrested and charged with battery and disturbing the peace. He is being held at the Sarasota County Jail on a $55,000 bail. It was raised from the initial $620 bail. He is reportedly said to have told police that he was suffering from psychological issues.






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