'Secret Santa' Pays Off More Than $45,000 Worth Of Layaway Items At Alabama Walmart

'Secret Santa' Pays Off More Than $45,000 Worth Of Layaway Items At Alabama Walmart

Casey Staheli, a Walmart spokesman, confirmed the report and added that the store witnesses a rise in such donations during the holiday season.

Spreading the holiday cheer, one Secret Santa walked into an Alabama Walmart and paid off layaway items for dozen of customers. This person, who wished to remain anonymous, made a generous donation of over $45,000 on Monday to the Walmart in Anniston. Casey Staheli, Walmart spokesman confirmed that the generous person cleared all remaining layaway balances while speaking to PEOPLE. "We see it quite frequently around the holiday season," added Staheli. "There’s a lot of kind and really generous people who make a difference."



According to a report by ABC affiliate WBMA, the man's present came along with a note that read, "God loves you. Each customer who had arrived at the store pick up their layaway items received the same note.  Jesus paid the price." One of the customers, Hannah Haynes, told the outlet that she was overwhelmed after learning about the man's charitable deed on Monday when she had gone store to collect her children's Christmas gifts. Haynes was all the more surprised by this as it was the last day to pay for the items on layaway. "I said I just wanna check and see how much I owe on my layaway so I can get it off in time for Christmas," said Haynes about her conversation with the store's cashier. 



"She said 'okay.' So she pulled up my account and she said 'you don't owe anything.' I said 'excuse me,'" recalled Haynes who stopped by the store during her lunch break. "[The cashier] said, 'yeah he came in and he paid off everyone's layaway totaling $65,000." She added, "Every day I wish I could thank the anonymous person for being so obedient." Haynes revealed that she was so taken by the man's gesture that she put the mystery man's message up on the fridge and has planned on keeping it there as long as she can. The note itself serves as a reminder for Haynes to be good to others, even the ones she doesn't know. "Every day I’m gonna wake up like, 'How can I bless someone? How can I show someone that type of love?'"



Although the Walmart manager did not confirm the amount spent by this generous man, they did say he spent a substantial amount. Customers like Kandy Ward revealed just how much they loved the message that came along with the items. "That really topped it off," explained Ward. "I really loved the message that he put out there and I think that's what he wanted to do." For some like Yasmine Kirksey, this surprise arrived at the accurate time. "I'm grateful. I'm like extremely blessed, shocked, but I'm happy," she said. 


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