Scores Of Americans Are Trying To Sneak Into Canada And Border Officials Are Cracking Down

Scores Of Americans Are Trying To Sneak Into Canada And Border Officials Are Cracking Down

U.S. citizens are making use of what they call the "Alaska loophole" as an excuse to sneak their way into Canada.

Image Credit: U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Canada

With Canada leading the charts in the best public healthcare for several years now, it's no surprise that many Americans are looking to get away due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Trump administration has committed far too many blunders amidst the pandemic and many citizens are serious about sneaking their way over the Canadian border. Naturally, this becomes a problem for both countries, and NPR reports that both the U.S and Canada had shut their shared border to "all nonessential traffic" back in March. However, ever since then, there have been "caravans of Americans" who had to be prevented from "surging across the border."





This entire narrative is quite ironic, especially to those who were vehemently opposed to immigration as similar sentiments were particularly witnessed regarding the Mexican immigrants and their caravans. Meanwhile, Americans in RVs and campers frequently cross the northern Canadian border for summer trips each year, but this "visit" is quite different. The COVID-19 pandemic is the reason they are doing it and America has been the worst-hit country. 



Canada is doing far better and U.S citizens are making use of what they call the "Alaska loophole" as an excuse to sneak their way into Canada. Many people were found telling border patrol officers that they are on their way to Alaska, and most of them are not really going there. All this and more has been confirmed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who have fined several Americans who were hiking near Lake Louise, which is not even on the way to Canada. The Canadian police have decided that they will crack down on Americans who try to sneak their way in. One of the sneaky ways in which Americans are funneling over the border is by boat. Lots of people are coming from the U.S. and crossing the Canadian border in their luxury yacht or sailboat. 



Each visitor will be allowed a "reasonable period of stay" to make the journey but will be limited to following "the most direct route" to Alaska, according to a CBSA press release. They must avoid all national parks, leisure sites, and tourism activities along the way, and must report to Canadian border officers when they leave the country. "We look forward to the day when our borders are open and we can welcome travelers from all over but we aren't there yet," B.C. Premier John Horgan said as he praised the new rules in a statement Thursday, thanking the federal government for listening to the concerns of people living in his province.



John Streicker, Yukon's minister of community services, called the new rules "great news." "We had actually encouraged this," he said. "A lot of conversations that I have with Yukoners is around concerns about Americans in transit and how to make sure that that situation can be safer." Meanwhile, George Creek, president of BC Marine Parks Forever stated that people have begun to wise up to this tracking system and have turned off their transponders as they cross the border.  "We see them on the computer, and at a particular point a few minutes later, they're not there anymore," he says. "Sneaky, sure, but also irresponsible and disrespectful!"



"When I call the U.S. the biggest petri dish in the world, that was not just off the cuff," Creek said. He is particularly concerned about small, isolated boating communities where there are many First Nations people and very few medical facilities. Boaters often stop in these communities to fuel up, and it seems that boats from the U.S. are no exception. A large U.S. yacht was recently stopped at one of these communities. Creek said, "They wandered the dock. Three or four adults and the rest were teenagers with no social distancing, no masks, and went through the store as if they were just shopping at Walmart."

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