School Boys Kick Old Man, 74, Into Freezing River While He Was Fishing, And Film It For Laughs

School Boys Kick Old Man, 74, Into Freezing River While He Was Fishing, And Film It For Laughs

The man was rescued by two 14-year-old girls who bravely formed a human chain to pull the pensioner out of the freezing river.

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In a shocking moment, a group of young schoolboys pushed a 74-year-old man into the freezing river Mersey. The elderly man became a target of the gang on Sunday afternoon while he was minding his own business and fishing on the banks of the popular waterway in Warrington. According to Daily Mail, the boys spotted the pensioner just after 2:30 p.m. and charged at him before launching him into the waterbody. As the man struggled to stay afloat, the cowardly group of three boys ran away after the assault, laughing at the helpless man. Sergeant Mark Spaven from Warrington Local Policing described the incident as "shocking" and "upsetting" as he promised to find those responsible for the senseless attack.

"This was a shocking and upsetting incident which has understandably left the gentleman shaken," said Spaven. "He returned home freezing cold and had sustained a cut to his face due to banging his head as he fell into the water." Sergeant Spaven then urged the public to come forward with any information they might have regarding the boys. "We are determined to find those responsible and I am urging anyone who has any information or believes they know who did this to come forward," he said. While police continue to look for the trio, it was reported that they have taken a 15-year-old boy into custody.



As for the elderly man, he was rescued by two 14-year-old girls who immediately rushed to his aide after witnessing the attack. Contrary to the actions of the boys, school girls Khloe Woods and Ellie Hughes did their best to help the old man after hearing his cries for help. The two friends formed a human chain and helped pull the pensioner out of the freezing water. "We just saw the man in the river holding on to a branch," recalled Khloe. "Ellie had hold of me and I reached out and grabbed the man. I was worried that when he let go of the branch, I might lose my grip and he would have gone down the river."

Khloe, a student at Haydock High School continued, "We got him out and to safety and asked him if he was OK. He was soaking wet. It all just happened so fast. We were both really scared and were shaking." Meanwhile, Ellie said, "It was very scary. All the time I had hold of Khloe I was saying 'please don't fall.'" The duo was joined by a woman who offered her help. After rescuing the elderly man, they offered to get him an ambulance, which he denied. The man had sustained injuries from his fall. The girls were  concerned as the man's "nose was bleeding" and despite this "he said he was going to walk home." After reaching his house on foot, he informed his family about the incident, and they in turn reported the assault to the police. 


The man reportedly told the girls that it was the first time since the lockdown that he had ventured outside to do some magnet fishing as it was a sunny day. What was supposed to be a peaceful, relaxing day of fishing became disturbingly violent after the group of boys decided to assault the elderly man. His daughter, Jacinta, told Daily Mail about her plans of taking the two brave girls for coffee and cakes this weekend. "They literally saved him, held his head out of the water, and struggled to pull him out whilst his down jacket filled with water," said Jacinta. 

"It has been really hard for the family to be honest, my father goes fishing almost daily along various rivers in Warrington and I fear it will stop him living his normal daily life now from fear. He has been in real shock since and according to my brother been crying since. He recounted the story to us and was in floods of tears saying how he thought he was going to die. At first, he didn't know what had happened, he thought he had had a heart attack and didn't know what was going on he'd gone in headfirst," she added. In addition to this, the man lost a "silver dollar keyring" in the river, which was the only thing he had of his father who he never knew. "He has kept the all his life...and he has lost it in the river," shared Jacinta. 


Jacinta came across the disturbing (which has since been deleted) clip online that had a crying face laughing emojis on it. The secondary school teacher said "the boys really do not represent any of the youth that I teach." As for Ellie and Khloe's parents, they couldn't be more proud of their children's brave actions. "I am bursting with pride," said Ellie's father Steve Hughes. "I am amazed at what Khloe did and am really proud of her," revelaed Khloe's mother Annmarie. Even Sergeant Spaven praised the two young girls for their courage and quick thinking. "I also want to appeal to the two women who thankfully came to his rescue to please get in touch with us as you could have information which could help our investigation," he said

If anyone has any information please contact Cheshire Police on 101 quoting IML 973152

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