Sandra Bullock Dedicates Award To Her Kids: 'I Will Move Mountains To Keep You Safe'

Sandra Bullock Dedicates Award To Her Kids: 'I Will Move Mountains To Keep You Safe'

The 54-year-old actress reveals that she took up this role to show her kids how much she loves them and say to them, "my first thought in the morning, you are my last thought at night."

When Sandra Bullock was awarded the title of 2019 MTV Movie & TV Award for best-frightened performance, the Bird Box star took the opportunity to thank her two children reported PEOPLE. Referring to the Netflix Original apocalyptic hit as an "educational video on the horrors of parenting" the 54-year-old actress revealed the heartfelt reason behind accepting the role of a fierce mother, Malorie Hayes, during her acceptance speech. After her kids,  son Louis, 9, and daughter Laila, 7, asked her why "I never made anything for them" the actress decided to answer their innocent query by taking up this role. 


Continuing her speech she said, "When I finished the film I went to my babies and I said, 'Here, Mommy made this for you. And even though you can't see it until you're 21 because, apparently, a movie about being a mommy is a horror film, you will know when you see it that there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you." The mother of two explained how she would do anything to keep her children from harm's way and that's what she tried to portray through the movie.


"I wanted you to see what being a family looks like, that sometimes you’re born into a family, sometimes you need to go find it, sometimes it finds you. But no matter how it comes together, that when it does, family is what you fight for, family is what you protect and what you saw in that movie is what your mommy would do for you," said Bullock of the familial values that she wants her kids to take on. "And I know that like in the movie, sometimes it looks like mommy is unraveling," she added hilariously.


The Ocean's 8 star went on to say the sweetest thing a mother can ever say to their children. "Because first time listening means listening for the first time, not the first time you decide to listen because that’s fifth time listening. But no matter what, you are my first thought in the morning, you are my last thought at night. I was put on this earth to protect you, you are my world, I love you so much, and I will move mountains to make sure that you are safe."


Furthermore, she shared her son's hilarious suggestions about his mother's roles in movies. "And when I was finished, my son looked at me with his big, beautiful eyes, and he said, ‘Mommy, it was superhero movies I was talking about. Those are the films you should be making. Superheroes are the ones doing the important work right now.’ I grounded him," she said jokingly. "So I would like to thank MTV and all of you who recognized my fear, thank you."


Finally, she ended the speech saying, " Because it allowed me to be here tonight and bring my Marvel-loving, DC-loving son with me so that he may stand in the same room with real superheroes like Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel. Trailblazers like Jada Pinkett Smith, and I’m sure he will notice that they’re women, just like his mama. Thank you." During an interview with the  Esquire, Josh Malerman, the author of Bird Box piqued our interests by confirming that he is, in fact, writing a sequel to his hit 2014 novel. He confessed how an idea sparked in his mind after watching the Netflix adaptation for the continuation of his book.


"At the end of the movie, I turned to my girl Allison and said, ‘I want to know what happens next!’ and she’s like, ‘Well, you know, you could make that happen,’ so it really was this warm feeling," said Malerman. The book sequel titled Malorie is set to hit shelves on Oct 1. The timeline of the second installment is said to be set eight years after the conclusion of its predecessor and will shun some more light on Malorie and the mysterious creature.


"In the time between Bird Box coming out and the time since I’ve been writing Malorie, I’ve been asked a ton of times: people want to know what happened with Boy and Girl," said Malerman. "But as much as I care about Boy and Girl, this isn’t their story. The Bird Box world is Malorie’s story, and I wanted to know more about her. I wanted to get to know her even better." Now the question on everyone's mind is if we'll be seeing Bullock assuming the role of Malarie once again or not. To this, the movie's director Susanne Bier said, "We only just finished it!" She also added, "It’s funny, I’m kind of reading people asking for a sequel and I’m like, ‘Hey, hey, hey, we really just finished!’ So let’s just enjoy it for now."


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