San Antonio Man Sexually Assaults And Impregnates 14-Year-Old Relative, Gets Charged

San Antonio Man Sexually Assaults And Impregnates 14-Year-Old Relative, Gets Charged

The 23-year-old was reportedly involved with his teenage relative for over a year.

Source: Bexar County Sheriff's Office

A man was arrested after the San Antonio Police found that he impregnated a teenage relative he had been in a sexual relationship for more than a year. The arrest happened after the department's Special Victims Unit found that Gerardo Alexis De La Campa, 23, abused the teenager. He was arrested on Sunday and charged with sexual assault of a child, reports news4SanAntonio. The 15-year-old victim, who was 10 weeks pregnant, told police that they had sexual intercourse on "multiple occasions" starting from July of last year when the girl was 14 years old, the arrest affidavit said.



The affidavit also stated that De La Campa even paid for one of the Uber rides to have the girl brought to his apartment on July 19, which was the last time they were sexually involved, the victim said. De La Campa is being held on $40,000 and is due in court on September 1. People, of which many were parents to teenagers themselves, responded with heavy criticism on social media and blamed how the man showed predatory behavior towards the teenager. Athena Stratos wrote: "He knew what he was doing. There’s no excuse for his actions." Becky Profitt called the act terrible and had stern words against many victim blamers on the thread. She said: "Disgusting! Yeah people always blaming the victim. Typical." Juan N Jessica Cavazos also sided with the victim and urged people to stop the victim-blaming. She wrote: "Look at all this Hispanic and females blaming the victim. The brain of a child is still developing at this age. So no this isn't right and no it isn't her fault."



Stories related to pedophilia and minor sexual abuse have been coming to light in recent years ever since the Jeffrey Epstein case dominated headlines. The case is one of the most high profile ones with many powerful people said to be involved in the story.

In a similar story with far worse consequences, a 13-year-old girl in Brazil died after she gave birth to her biological father's child, the Daily Mail reports.  The girl, Luana Ketlen died on December 11 and had been facing abuse for the past 4 years, police reports said. The case was reported when Ketlen was admitted to a hospital in the city of Coari after complaining of abdomen pain. There she was found to be seven months pregnant. The doctors induced labor and delivered a baby. Ketlen's health further deteriorated and she was rushed to a specialist care unit in another city. The girl, however, did not make it and died on the way there. The newborn baby survived and is being monitored. The 36-year-old father of the girl, Toma Faba was on the run but was caught from the outskirts of the city and has been charged with child abuse and manslaughter at a court hearing on December 27.




In yet another incident, a 37-year-old high school teacher from Florida was arrested after she raped one of her students inside the school campus around a year ago. According to PEOPLE, the teacher Meghan Mary Rodriguez was arrested last month and charged with sexual assault.  She was released from detainment after posting a bond. As per a Pensacola News Journal report, Rodriguez was told she was under investigation on a sexual assault charge following which she resigned from her position with the Santa Rosa County School District on May 28. The 17-year-old victim of the incident revealed that he went ahead with the act because he feared the consequences of flunking out of the grade in case he went against her advances.



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