Man Finds Severely Injured Dog Taped Inside A Bloody Box Covered In Trash

Man Finds Severely Injured Dog Taped Inside A Bloody Box Covered In Trash

Cheerful Sally who was covered in wounds was taped inside a box alive by her owners! How can anyone be so inhumane?

Sometimes people just forget the fact that animals too have feelings and they shrug off responsibilities when it gets too much. How would you feel if your family abandoned you when you were at your worst? Even the thought of something like this hurts right? Now imagine how a puppy named Sally must have felt when her owners packed her in a large cardboard box and threw her near the dumpster! Yes, this actually happened!


Back in 2017, Sally was abandoned by her owners. Thankfully a man alerted by the loud thumping sound went out to check where the "Thump!" came from. He noticed a cardboard box that wasn't present there earlier and its humongous size made it all the more suspicious. On tearing open the box he was shocked to find a big dog lying inside the blood-stained cardboard. She was 35-pound (approx. 16-kilogram) when he found her. 


She had sustained severe injuries and most of her body was covered with wounds. Sally was constantly trying to wag her tail in the hopes that striking the box would help her find help. The man who discovered her poor state immediately reached out to the Dallas city shelter by sharing a picture of Sally on Twitter. Witnessing Sally's plight on Twitter the Dallas DogRRR responded immediately.


 The executive director and vice president of Dallas DogRRR, Patti Dawson, was the first to reach out to the dog. Sharing her thoughts on this horrible fate of Sally, Dawson told The Dodo, "She’s not little" further adding "Sally’s a 35-pound dog. I really had a hard time imagining how they [her former owner] put her into that box." She also believed that the dog further hurt herself while trying to escape the box by scratching constantly which led to her bleeding paws.


"You can tell she was definitely fighting her way out," she said. "If you look at where the blood is, it’s really where her paws and legs were." Describing the horrific experience the shelter wrote on Facebook: You open the box and never could you fathom that you find a 4-month-old puppy unable to move. This is how Sally was found, taped up in a box in a dumpster like yesterday’s trash. Even after being in a frail condition, Sally embraced Dawson and kissed her for 15 minutes when she first met her. 


"I’ve been doing rescue now for two-plus years, and I have never been embraced the way she embraced me upon our first meeting," said Dawson. "She is totally the most forgiving, lovable little girl ever. There’s not a mean bone in her body." Due to the heat that day (90F) the pooch was severely dehydrated and was also suffering from a serious case of mange and a high fever. "At first, she was just lethargic," said Dawson.


"Once he got her out, she just laid there, but then he got her to drink. I think she drank nine bowls of water—she was so dehydrated," she continued. Sally was then taken to the veterinarian and was treated for all her conditions including skin infection, fever, mange, and respiratory issues. After thirty-six hours they reported that Sally was doing just fine. The shelter posted an updated post writing: She is doing very well folks, further adding: Sally is moving to foster care and will be in and out of the vets office for the next several weeks. In another post, the Dallas Dog RRR wrote: This is a true testament that no evil will ever burn the light out in her heart.


Instead of sulking about her past Sally returned to her happy self and she loves greeting people with "one of those hugs that leave you breathless." According to The Dodo, Dawson said, "I really don’t know how you can look at a dog like her and put her in a box." Further revealing her disappointment she said, "And when you’re putting that tape on there … I can tell you now, just knowing her personality, she would be looking up at them and trusting her human." 


Lucky for her a few months later a forever family adopted her. "Today Sally, now named “Callie” is living a life she never knew existed. She is part of a family and loved on each and Every. Day," the post made by the shelter read. In response to this update, her forever family Joyce Donaldson wrote: We love her and are so happy we were chosen to adopt her! I can’t imagine life without her! Thank you for rescuing her!


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