Cruel Woman Uses Helpless Pup As A Weapon To Attack It's Owner

Cruel Woman Uses Helpless Pup As A Weapon To Attack It's Owner

The video shows a woman snatching a pet and then violently hurling the terrified pup at the owner several times.

Image Source: Twitter/Brigitte Gabriel

Disclaimer: This story contains graphic details and videos of animal abuse that readers may find disturbing.

In a shocking video from Canada, an angry woman was seen hurling a terrified pup at another lady on the road. The two women were fighting outside their vehicles on Windmill Road in Dartmouth. The video, which was captured by witnesses inside nearby cars, shows a woman snatching a small dog from the driver of a vehicle by its leash. Soon, the driver exits the vehicle in an attempt to retrieve her pet and that's when the woman who snatched the dog hurls the poor animal violently at her. The attack, which was very swift and sudden, gave the owner no time to protect her dog and it ended up being slammed against her head many times, reports CBC News.



Thankfully, the owner of the dog continued wrestling with the attacker and after a few seconds of struggle, she managed to take her pet back to safety. The altercation unfolded last Wednesday in the 600 block of Windmill Road in Dartmouth, Halifax, according to the news release sent on Saturday afternoon.

Officers received several calls about an "a physical altercation" between four women and responded to them at 5:30 pm. "The altercation started after two females in one vehicle confronted two females in the second vehicle regarding being cut off in a drive-thru," revealed the news release by Halifax police. 




The encounter was shot in two videos, Daily Mail reports. In the first clip, the argument broke out when both vehicles stopped side-by-side. Both could be seen throwing punches through an open window. The second clip, however, was more brutal than the first as it involved a helpless pup being violently dragged around and thrown during the argument. When police arrived at the scene, none of the drivers wished to press charges. They also checked on two dogs that were present in one of the vehicles. They were "in good health", according to the police.



However, after the video was released on the internet, a possible animal cruelty charge might be underway. "There were initial reports of a dog being involved but the extent was not clear at the time. Officers checked on two dogs in one vehicle and they appeared to be in good health," said Halifax Police in a statement. "The severity of actions against the dog was not known at the time."

They also revealed that the apparent mistreatment of the dog was being investigated. The investigation still remains in its early stages and they could not provide any further details, reports Daily Mail.



Under sections 444 to 447 of the Criminal Code of Canada, animal cruelty includes both indictable and summary charges. If convicted of an indictable offense, the criminal could be imprisoned for "a term of not more than two years. If convicted of a summary charge, individuals are liable to a fine not exceeding five thousand dollars or to imprisonment for a term of not more than six months or both."

In recent months, America has witnessed many acts of cruelty against animals and now even the slightest proof of violence is enough to have your pet taken away. 



In May, we reported that Amy Cooper tried to scare away a Black man by mentioning the police. Defending her actions, she explained all of it was to protect her pet from Christian Cooper who was offering the pet dog food against her wishes. Instead of simply putting her dog on a leash, she held it by the collar, and the helpless animal was seen struggling to get back on it's four. After the video went viral, Amy was not only condemned for her racist behavior but her pet was also taken away from her. A Facebook post from Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue Inc. confirmed that the dog has been surrendered to the shelter after he was adopted by Amy a few years ago.

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