Rottweiler Gives Birth To 16 Puppies, And It's One Of The Largest Litters Ever

Rottweiler Gives Birth To 16 Puppies, And It's One Of The Largest Litters Ever

Roxy delivered a healthy litter of 16 Rottweiler pups, the biggest in the UK. The parents are now selling the pups between £650 and £750.

A family who was expecting their Rottweiler to give birth to six puppies had the shock of their life when they saw there were 10 more on their way! 32-year-old soldier Mark Marshall and his wife Laura watched in amazement as their pooch gave birth to the largest litter in the UK. This gang of puppies joins their already large family as Mark and Laura have five children of their own, out of which one is an infant, according to Daily Mail



Now that they have a lot of puppies to take care of, so the couple put them on a military-style feeding regiment. This involves 40-minute spells with eight on at a time and a one hour break for hard-working mum Roxy in between. Since there are so many pups, Roxy is bound to get tired from all the feeding as that's all she will have time to do. So, Mark and Laura have taken it upon themselves to help feed the pups with special milk from the vets.



They are now getting ready to say bye to all but one pooch that they've decided to keep. They're now eight weeks old, which means it's time for them to go to their new homes. They've named the one they're keeping and she's called Bella. Mark is a corporal with the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment at Weeton Barracks, near Blackpool. He said, "The scan showed six puppies and I thought 'great, I'm happy with that."



"So we had six in our head the whole time, the scans are usually pretty accurate apparently. But no - there was another ten hiding somewhere! I was so shocked at how many we ended up with. Obviously we hadn't prepared ourselves for that but in the end, it's been a nice surprise. It's definitely been a lot to handle and it has been really tiring," he added.  



"I was feeding them in groups of eight for eight days straight and going to work in between," he mentioned. On March 12, Roxy went into labor at 5:45 am. For Mark and Laura, this was their first experience with litter and they had no clue what was happening or what had to be done. "We heard a noise downstairs so went down to check and Roxy was hiding behind the sofa," said Mark. 



"We got her back into bed then went back upstairs. She kept on crying so we went to check again and saw a puppy lying on the floor.  Then we saw one in the kitchen. She delivered another four within the next half hour and by 12 pm she had delivered 13. I went out to get a few things for them and got a call to say another three had come along. I couldn't believe it," he added.  



Technically speaking, the pups are actually older than Mark's youngest, Arlo, who was born about a month later. Their other children are Tyler, 12, Kelsey, seven, Amelia, two, and Jaxson, nine months. Within the next few days, the pups will join their new family. They are being sold for between £650 and £750. In 2009, 18 puppies were born in a litter, but one of them was stillborn and the other one died a few days later. In 2017,  a litter of 16, the same size as Mark's, was born in Telford, Shropshire. Mark is yet to decide if he's to apply for an official record. 


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