Robin Williams' Daughter Gets Genie In Viral Disney Filter — Seems He's Still Watching Over Her

Robin Williams' Daughter Gets Genie In Viral Disney Filter — Seems He's Still Watching Over Her

When 30-year-old Zelda Williams tried her hand at the popular Disney Instagram filter, she was in for a special surprise.

image credit: Instagram / twitter - zelda williams

We had some serious heartwarming feels behind this one, so you might wanna grab that box of tissues and your favorite pillow while you're at it. Nearly 6 years have passed since the world lost the legendary Robin Williams, and not a day passes where the loss impacts his loved ones and his fans. As we came to our senses in acknowledging the huge shock behind his demise, there was more than empathy given to his beloved wife and children who were particularly stricken by it. Williams' sons Cody, Zak and his daughter Zelda have honored their late father in their own special ways over and over again.



As 2019 came to an end, Zelda received a special sign that she and her dad are always bound together in eternity. The new Disney-themed Instagram filter has taken the internet by storm this past week with several users playing with it to test which popular animated character they would get. 30-year-old Zelda decided to try it out for herself too and what she got was the most heart-filled surprise she could have asked for. It was the very character her father gave his voice for, the Genie, from Disney's animated epic Aladdin. 



Zelda, overwhelmed with emotion, took to Twitter earlier this week to post the heartwarming result and the social media platform boomed with joy at the significance of the character she was assigned. The popular filter, designed by Arno Partissimo, scans the user's face and lands on a character from Disney's large range of beloved roster. Though it appears to work like a random number generator, the results of the filter have been quite amusing for people who've tried it out. However, Zelda landing on the Genie from Aladdin was undoubtedly the most popular occurrence with her tweet gaining over 130,000 likes and being retweeted nearly 25k times. 






The video she uploaded has Zelda laughing happily as the filter flicks through a load of characters to finally land on Williams' own. Her reaction truly warmed the hearts of the Twitterati who couldn't help express their delight at the result. 



"You're not the first person whose parents give you signs that they are watching you my dad is a similar thing he lets my family know he is watching us by leaving white feathers behind and his favorite number seen randomly," one user tweeted. While another wrote: "What are the chances? I like to imagine that was your dad's doing, making you laugh to this day!" 


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