Restaurant Opens Early To Serve 3-Year-Old With Cancer The Meal Of A Lifetime With Family

Restaurant Opens Early To Serve 3-Year-Old With Cancer The Meal Of A Lifetime With Family

Due to a weakened immune system, Adelaide Stanley cannot be in public spaces. But thanks to J. Wilson's in Beaumont, Texas, she got to dine out.

Image Source: Facebook/Vanlam Nguyen

Unlike most kids, Adelaide Stanley cannot risk going out in public or even be around people. This is because the 3-year-old has been undergoing cancer treatment for the past seven months, resulting in a weakened immune system. However, the Texas resident still wished to dine at her favorite restaurant J. Wilson's, located in Beaumont, Texas. When the eatery learned about the tiny tot's desire, they took the effort of opening the restaurant early, covering the cost of their meals and decorating the place with Adelaide's favorite color pink. 


Speaking to CNN, Adelaide's mom Vanlam Nguyen expressed, "They didn't have to do any of that. But they did." According to the news outlet, having lunch at the neighborhood favorite J. Wilson's had become a family tradition. Apparently, the family used to visit the place almost every Sunday but the ritual was halted on her third birthday when little Adelaide's pediatrician urged Nguyen to get her checked after he noticed some red spots on her body. Two days later, on July 3, 2019, she began her crushing cancer treatment. Besides the hospital and their home, there were barely any other places the family went since her diagnosis. 



"We went from hugging everyone to being a germaphobe, so we don't bring anything home to her," explained Nguyen, adding, "We stopped doing what we do as a family." However, this changed last month when Adelaide asked her family if they could go inside and have a meal at J. Wilson's after noticing its sign from the interstate. Keeping his daughter's safety in mind, her heartbroken dad replied, "When you get better, we will," according to her mother. Unable to take it off her mind, Nguyen shared the details of this tragic moment with her friend who then reached out to the restaurant to arrange for a special occasion.


For Paula Breaux, J. Wilson's manager, there was nothing to do but to execute the request. "We didn't have to think twice about it," she stated. "Just the fact that we got to be a part of this means a lot to us. Always makes me happy to see the little ones enjoy our restaurant," she added. So, on January 26, she opened the restaurant an hour early to accommodate Adelaide and her family. But their hospitality didn't just end there, as they had decorated the restaurant with the 3-year-old's favorite color, gave her a pink hat, and even prepared her favorite thing to eat: biscuits.


The restaurant also covered the cost of the meal. "I  was ready to pay for the bill, but it was already taken care of. I can't explain how much this means to me, her dad and her sister," expressed Nguyen. "The thing about kids is when they smile, it's genuine. I'm very thankful and I love this place," said the grateful mother, according to 11 Alive. Adelaide is still undergoing treatment, however, she cannot wait to eat at J. Wilson's again. 


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