First Responders Finish Mowing Lawn For War Veteran Who Collapsed From Heat Exhaustion

First Responders Finish Mowing Lawn For War Veteran Who Collapsed From Heat Exhaustion

83-year-old Prince Pinkney was trimming his lawn in the scorching 91-degree heat when he collapsed.

Image Source: Facebook/Matthew Wells

When an elderly war veteran in South Florida collapsed from heat exhaustion while mowing his lawn, first responders came to his rescue. And not only did the first responders provide him first aid but they were more than happy to cut his lawn's grass as a gesture of appreciation for Prince Pinkney's service, reports Daily Mail. The 83-year-old Vietnam War veteran was just doing yard work in front of his home in Fort Lauderdale on Monday when the scorching 91-degree heat took a devastating toll on his body. "It was hot, and I got overheated," Pinkney told WSVN-TV. Pinkney had previously suffered a stroke years ago and one of his legs never recovered fully. That afternoon, it gave out. "When it gave out, I just fell right in the yard out there," he recalled.



The veteran's wife Rebecca hurried to help him get up but could not bear his weight alone. "I had him by the arm, but I couldn’t hold him up," she said. A passerby happened to notice the couple in their distressed state and immediately alerted first responders about it.  A crew of paramedics and firefighters from the Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue were immediately dispatched. On arriving at the home on Southwest Third Court in the Melrose Manors section of the city, they treated Pinkney. "We treated them and checked them out," revealed FLFR Lieutenant Matthew Wells. 



Although Pinkney, a former missile tech in Vietnam, had recovered following the treatment administered by the first responders, the crew did not want to leave until they had done something special for the war veteran.  A video posted on FLFR's social media page shows the two paramedics cleaning the lawn by cutting the overgrown grass. The paramedics shared that they were honored to lend a helping hand to him as he had served the country by enlisting in the military more than 50 years ago. "I think we can cut their lawn while we’re doing this, and next thing I know..." said Wells. "It wasn’t much of a discussion," another medic chimed in. 



Hours later, the three responders visited the couple once again to check up on them and exchange pleasantries. "I thank you so much for cutting the yard for me," said a grateful Rebecca while Pinkney thanked them. "We really appreciate you."  The couple later revealed that they usually pay someone to mow the lawn on their behalf but that person had not been showing up to do the work lately, which is why Pinkney decided to do it himself. FLFR Captain Terry Maylor was quite touched by the incident. "Their story is amazing in itself," he expressed while speaking to WSVN. "Their age, what they’ve gone through, his history as a veteran serving this country. If that doesn’t move you to go ahead and do what you’re capable of, then nothing will." 



Previously, three New York cops showed this kind of kindness by shoveling snow out of a 99-year-old woman's sideways and driveway because she couldn't do it herself. The elderly woman, who lived by herself, called the Albany Police Center Station last year to seek help as she needed her driveway to be cleared as it was covered under a blanket of snow. When the PD got the call, Officers William Pierce, Christopher Stiles, and John Schueler rushed to the elderly woman's house to help her out. Between the three of them, they cleared out more than a foot of snow from her sidewalk and driveway.  



The department also took to Facebook to share the photos and they wrote: When Duty Calls. This morning, the #Albany Police Center Station received a phone call from a 99-year-old resident who lives alone and asked for our assistance with clearing snow from her driveway. Without hesitation, Police Officers William Pierce, Christopher Stiles, and John Schueler all drove to the woman’s home to assist her and worked together to clear more than a foot of snow from her sidewalk and driveway. The post quickly went viral and has been liked more than 3,000 times and shared more than 1,000 times. 

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