Georgia Republican Rubs Trump's Crotch On A Cardboard Cutout In Cringey Resurfaced Video

Georgia Republican Rubs Trump's Crotch On A Cardboard Cutout In Cringey Resurfaced Video

Congresswoman Greene, known for espousing biased & conspiratorial views, has created quite a stir due to her harassing & often aggressive behavior.

Image Source: YouTube/The Damage Report

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. The Congresswoman has created quite a stir due to her harassing and often aggressive behavior. She is also known for espousing biased and conspiratorial views, including those promoted by fringe conspiracy group QAnon, among other things. Recently, an old video of her groping former President Trump's cutout resurfaced. In the brief clip, which adds to her already troubling list of actions, Greene can be seen rubbing the crotch area of a cardboard cutout of Trump while emphasizing that former POTUS is "fantastic" and "great."


Netizens had a lot to say about this resurfaced video after it was posted on Twitter and later shared by Rex Chapman. User Mieke Eerkens wrote: Could there be a more fitting image of today's GOP than one of them simulating a handjob on a fake cardboard cutout of Donald Trump? I would be so embarrassed to be a Republican now and associate myself with this party. Another M_JClayton shared: It's blowing my mind that rubbing the crotch of a cardboard cutout of Donald Trump may very well be the least offensive thing she's done. HowlinJustice expressed: It seems so on brand in the same way that trump would try to hump the American flag on stage. It is so weird to me to think that any of this is just acceptable behavior by other people. If my representative did this, I'd be actively supporting their removal.


Stephen A's Brow noted: There’s so much footage of her acting like a dumbass, and yet got the nomination ans won an election. Wow. During a closed-door House GOP conference meeting, Greene received a standing ovation from a few of her colleagues after she apologized for her controversial comments in the past, reports THE HILL According to the BBC, she revealed that she had "stopped believing" in QAnon, which propagates the baseless belief that Trump is waging a secret campaign against every enemy, including a Satan-worshipping cabal of child-abusers and cannibals, in the "deep state." Previously, she had also made comments suggesting that school shootings, for example, the attack at Sandy Hook elementary school in 2012, and the Parkland shooting in 2018 were all staged. She then changed her statement on Thursday saying, "School shootings are absolutely real."



She had also claimed that the Pentagon was not hit by an airplane during the devastating 9/11 attack. "I want to tell you 9/11 absolutely happened. I do not believe that it's fake," said Greene recently walking back on her comments. "These were words of the past. These things do not represent me," she said trying to convince everyone. However, there was still a series of astonishing remarks in the past that she failed to address that day. Per reports, she had liked a Facebook post that called for Mrs. Pelosi to get "a bullet to the head" and also responded to another post that said that Barack Obama should be handed writing, "Stage us being set." 


According to The New York Times, she claimed that Obama was secretly Muslim and that Hillary Clinton had a hand in the plane crash that killed John F. Kennedy Jr. in 1999 as he was a potential rival for a New York Senate seat, that Clinton had been eyeing. In 2019, she insulted David Hogg, who was a teenage survivor of the Parkland school shooting, by calling him "a coward." Shortly after her Republican primary, videos surfaced where she complained about an "Islamic invasion" into government offices and claimed that Black and Hispanic men are held back by "gangs and dealing drugs." She also promoted the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that billionaire philanthropist George Soros, a Jewish, has collaborated with the Nazis.



Greene went to the extent of even suggesting the California wildfires were started by a space laser beam controlled by a prominent Jewish banking company, Rothschilds. We recently reported that she planned to impeach President-elect Joe Biden as soon as he took office. On January 21st, I’m filing Articles of Impeachment on President-elect @JoeBiden. 75 million Americans are fed up with inaction. It’s time to take a stand. I’m proud to be the voice of Republican voters who have been ignored #ImpeachBiden #QuidProJoe #BidenCrimeFamily, read the Twitter post in which she linked a video interview of her with Greg Kelly of Newsmax TV. 



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