Woman's Nauseating "Trick" For Making DIY Punch In Toilet Bowl Leaves People Disgusted

Woman's Nauseating "Trick" For Making DIY Punch In Toilet Bowl Leaves People Disgusted

The whole thing was meant to be a prank but most viewers couldn't really see the joke in wasting so much food or drinking out of a toilet.

Image Source: Facebook/The Anna Show

How far would you go to drink a tall glass of ice cream punch? Not that far, I presume. But unlike most people, one woman decided to take things up a notch and decided to get disgustingly creative and even serve her concoction to her unsuspecting guests. In a viral video, a young woman called Anna can be seen sharing the recipe of a sweet, colorful delight with her viewers. As the 2-minute clip begins, viewers are immediately thrown off as the woman fills a toilet bowl with lots of ice as she prepares to begin the process of making an actual punch in it. 



The video, which was originally posted on Facebook by The Anna Show, shows Anna dumping two huge bricks of fruity (Sherbet) ice creams into the ice before throwing in a pack of sour candy. Next, she goes for the cistern and pours in fruit punch, Sprite, and two flavors of Fanta in it along with some more sour candies. What happens next is most people's nightmare, as the woman prepares to flush the toilet and flood the toilet bowl with all the sugary soft drinks. Yummy? I don't think so. Before doing so, Anna brags about her creation looking "pretty good" and is joined by a man, who appears to be filming the whole thing.



Next, they arrange a couple of glasses for the punch to be served around the toilet. She even pops one of the candies kept in the toilet bowl in her mouth and gushes, "Oh my Gosh it looks so good. I'm gonna have one of these. Oh yeah!" She then mixes the contents of the bowl around for a few seconds. Right before flushing, the camera turns towards a group of people who appear to be standing outside as if attending a gathering. "People are gonna like this," the man is heard saying. To this, the woman responds, "Yeah, they are gonna love it."


When they finally flush the toilet, the bowl fills up with the colored, fizzy liquid and ends up creating a grim-looking commode concoction. She then scoops up some of the so-called "party punch" from the toilet and pours them into glasses, with the apparent intention of serving it to their guests standing outside the washroom. The video ends right there.  Much to no one's surprise, netizens were gobsmacked by how disgusting the whole thing was. Twitter user @lunsplaylist shared: I don’t know why, but I feel like crying. What the fuck is this. Another @NANxox2_WOKE expressed: I about vomited when she put that candy in her mouth. User Swiftology wrote: It's the total waste of food for me then The fact of putting all that in the toilet (which is disgusting in its own right) and it will break/clog/get messed up so somebody has to fix it.


Twitter user Andyrew shared a link to the extended video which was uploaded on Facebook writing: It's a bit they never drink it. And the disclaimer says (for entertainment purposes only). The video starts with the woman clogging the toilet using a t-shirt first. Then she prepares the recipe and after pouring the drink into the glasses, she serves it to her guests. But just as they are about to drink it, they are stopped and one friend asks, "How did you make it?" The creator of the drink responds, "The toilet bowl punch recipe." One of the guests is then seen pouring the drink back in the toilet saying, "I think I'm good." The video ends as the woman assures her guests "I cleaned the toilet before I made it."


One of them wondered what the joke was in this supposed prank. She ate & drank from the toilet. Where's the joke? asked user Kels. Another user @KimH1313 was furious after witnessing how they simply wasted all the food just for a prank when there are so many who go hungry every day. My parents grew up during/after World War II, and my mom still won’t waste a scrap of food. This is obscene and fucking stupid, shared the user, adding, They’re not going to actually eat/drink it. It’s a joke. But it’s dirty and stupid. I realize it’s junk food, it’s just so pointless. I hate the people she’s satirizing, too, but I don’t understand why this is entertaining.


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