Racist Woman Stops Black Man From Entering His Own Apartment: "I'm Not Being Disrespectful"

Racist Woman Stops Black Man From Entering His Own Apartment: "I'm Not Being Disrespectful"

This woman, also known as #ApartmentPatty probably assumed that the apartment was too posh for the man to stay and questioned him.

Image Source: Facebook/D'Arreion Nuriyah Toles

Racism is still a rampant issue in the US, which is evident with all the protests that are going on in support of George Floyd. However, it seems like there have been instances of racism in the past as well, but no one has learned from it. A woman, named Hilary Brooke Mueller, didn't let a black man enter his own apartment building, reports The New York Times. Mueller confronted D’Arreion Toles as he tried to enter the building that they share in St. Louis, Missouri. Apparently, she blocked him from entering the building to his home because she felt uncomfortable. She then started demanding him to reveal his name and other personal details.


The incident was captured on video by D’Arreion himself and has since gone viral after he shared it with this message: “To be a black man in America and come home. A woman tries to stop me from coming into my building because she feels insecure, Downtown St. Louis luxury loft, because she doesn’t feel that I belong, never really thought this would happen to me, but it did! Then 30 mins later the police knock on my door because she called! I was shocked this is racism in America in 2018!” “Please move, ma’am,” D’Arreion can be heard saying in a video he recorded of the encounter.


In it, the woman is seen with her dog on a leash standing in the doorway at the Elder Shirt Lofts. “I can,” she responds. “Do you live here?” “I’ve already answered that question,” Mr. Toles, 24, replies as he continues to try to get in. “Excuse me.” But, she just wouldn't budge and kept demanding to see his keys to the apartment. When he chose not to tell her, she remained in his path. “If you want to come into my building —” she begins to say in the video. “It’s not your building, you’re not the owner,” Mr. Toles says, getting past her. “Excuse me.”


Netizens weren't one to keep calm after the evident racist attack and they found the woman's identity. They even managed to find out where she worked. Muller worked at Tribeca-STL, which manages real estate elsewhere in the city. The video was reviewed by the firm and they promptly fired her. “The Tribeca-STL family is a minority-owned company that consists of employees and residents from many racial backgrounds,” officials with the company said. “We are proud of this fact and do not and never will stand for racism or racial profiling at our company.”


In an interview, Toles said he pulled out his phone to record the encounter “because I didn’t feel safe in the situation.” He added, “At the end of the day, why would she call the police on me? I just walked in and went to my house.” He was worried about what would happen if the cops who turned up ganged up against him like several incidents we see. “It’s kind of hitting me again, thinking about the whole thing,” he said of his encounter. “It’s pretty sad.” He then concluded by saying that it made him feel “like you can’t be who you are in America.”



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