These Real Struggles Kids From The '90s Faced Will Make You Nostalgic

These Real Struggles Kids From The '90s Faced Will Make You Nostalgic

From dial-up connections to spooling a cassette tape and more, the struggle was real and hard. Looking back, it's bound to make you nostalgic

Every generation appreciates the simpler times they had when they were kids. Unlike the privileged millennials, people who were born in the 90s know the real struggle of several aspects of life. Yes, we had phones but most of them were fixed onto our walls. From there, we witnessed the evolution of a phone from a keypad mobile phones introduced by Nokia to the slim touchpad androids. Of course, we didn't have Spotify or iTunes, instead, we had cassettes and a stack of CDs for our songs.  When it came to movies, renting the classic VHS tapes at the local video store was our concept of Netflix and chill. Looking back, these things do seem difficult and hilarious at times. Taking inspiration from this, we have a bunch of memes that will flood those nostalgic memories back.

1. True dedication

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2. Kids these days have it so easy


3. Ah, simpler times


4. Remember that momentary pang of terror when this happened?



5. Listening to music was serious business back then

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6. The ass whooping that would've followed otherwise is just not worth it


7. It was a responsibility many of us took quite seriously, thank you very much!


8. It did the trick, didn't it?


9. Take me back, damn it!


10. Is there anything worse in life? Nope. 


11. The struggle was very real

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12. I used to quite enjoy this, to be honest

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13. We still slayed in these outfits though


14. Panic mode on in 3... 2... 1...


15. These are actually coming back in trend now. Yay!


16. You snooze, you lose


17. A private phone call? What's that?


18. This really helped polish my research skills


19. Every. Damn. Time.


20. The stakes were much higher back then


21. Yep, that sounds about right


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