Princess Diana Broke Into Tears While Prince Charles Looked Away During 1983 Royal Tour

Princess Diana Broke Into Tears While Prince Charles Looked Away During 1983 Royal Tour

The royal photographer and Princess Diana's former press secretary revealed incidents that made it evident that they were having a rocky marriage.

Source: Facebook/ Diana, Princess Of Wales 1961-1997

Prince Charles and Princess Diana made a royal trip to Australia back in 1983, and thousands of people gathered around the royal couple to catch a glimpse of them. Prince William, their first son, was hardly a year old then and their marriage seemed to be doing great. However, royal photographer Ken Lennox first noticed signs of tension between the two, according to Independent. He then captured a photo of the couple which shows that there was a lot going on with them. In the photo, Princess Diana, sitting beside Prince Charles, burst into tears when the crowds couldn't see her. Meanwhile, he had turned away from her.


Lennox captured the moment in a photo, which is being claimed as the first one to show that their marriage was on the rocks. “I’m about four feet from the princess and I’m trying to get a bit of the opera house in the background and some of the crowd, and Diana burst into tears and wept for a couple of minutes,” Lennox said in the ITV program, showing the black and white picture to the camera. “After it was over, I went to see the press officer for the prince and princess at that time, and I said what happened.” Back then, the press officer informed him that the royal couple was only getting adapted as they were experiencing jet lag. 


Lennox said that he accepted that excuse then. “Charles I don’t think has noticed [Diana crying] at that stage. If he has, typical of Prince Charles to look the other way,” the photographer stated. “But it was the first sign of something was wrong, and then we began to see other things happening later on." He then added that the Prince was overshadowed by Princess Diana's presence as more and more people would ask her out on engagements. After she was ignored by her husband during a time when she needed him the most, Princess Diana developed the habit of using a "fake laugh", which "annoyed" Prince Charles.


Her former press secretary Patrick Jephson saw her intentionally "laughing a lot” during joint engagements in public, not “because she was having fun, but to annoy her husband," as per The Sun. "As professional royal performers they were unbeatable, but behind the scenes it was quite different. They didn't talk to each other, there was minimal eye contact, they were short-tempered with each other. Diana enjoyed upstaging her husband and if she was laughing and smiling more it wasn't that she was having more fun but that she knew it got on his nerves," said Jephson.


Soon enough, the public began to notice things weren't that great with the couple. Thus, their last royal duty together was the South Korean tour in 1992. "It was blatantly obvious how miserable they were, they couldn't stand each other and I think the press office threw up their hands and said let's make the split as easy as possible," Victoria Arbiter, 9Honey's royal columnist, said. Two years later, in 1994, Prince Charles admitted that he was cheating on Princess Diana with Camilla Bowles Parker, whom he is now married to. In 1995, Princess Diana said, "Well there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded." The couple divorced in 1996 and the princess tragically passed away in a car crash in 1997.



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