Pregnant Teen Found Stabbed To Death; Heart And Intestines Ripped Out After Horrific Attack

Pregnant Teen Found Stabbed To Death; Heart And Intestines Ripped Out After Horrific Attack

According to the grieving mother, there was a stab wound on her daughter's hand the last time she saw her alive.

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Trigger warning: This story may contain descriptions of violence that readers may find disturbing.

Snegugu Linda, who was 19 and pregnant, told her relatives that she was going to go visit her boyfriend two weeks ago, adding that she would be back home by November 15th, as per The Sun. However, she never made it back home from her boyfriend's place. This is because her body was found dumped in a pathway with her heart ripped out and parts of her digestive system next to her near Hammersdale, in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa. Londiwe Linda, 33, Snegugu's heartbroken mom, visited the crime scene on Sunday. She then said that there was little blood and Snegugu also had a "doek", a cloth used for traditional coverings, over her mouth.




“She was thrown there. Nothing says she was killed there," said the grieving mother. “Snegugu was still young and had more to do in life than die like this. We want to know who did this.” According to her, there was a stab wound on her daughter's hand the last time she saw her alive. The mom alleges that Snegugu informed her that her boyfriend stabbed her with a knife during an argument they had. However, she left the house before Londiwe could probe any further into the incident. According to Mpume Miya, a friend, the family got to know that Snegugu had been murdered when they were alerted by someone. 







Miya said the victim used to stay at home with her family and was set to come back, but she never did. The brutal crime has got the family feeling rather sick. Police spokesperson Captain Nqobile Gwala confirmed that a murder investigation had been launched, according to IOL. Gwala added that the motive of the crime is unknown. She went on to say that Snegugu had suffered stab wounds to her back and stomach. Snegugu's boyfriend, identified as Sibusiso Hlela, said that the last time he reportedly saw her was on Saturday afternoon. The 19-year-old had told her 30-year-old boyfriend that she was going to visit a friend. He said that he went out in search of her when she didn't return even after 8 pm. 







He then went to her friend's home, but there, he was informed that she'd left by 6 pm. The next day morning, around 5:30 am, he got out to look for her again, and that's when he learned she'd been stabbed to death. When asked about the stab wound prior to the murder, Hlela denied any involvement and said Snegugu had hurt herself. An investigation into the case is currently ongoing. Earlier this year, we reported a similar brutal incident where a mom beheaded her five-year-old child because she asked for cereal. The 27-year-old mother Krystle Villanueva was arrested in 2017.







The incident took place on January 5, 2017, in Hays County, Texas. Hays County deputies were called to her home in Kyle, Texas, where they discovered that Villanueva had viciously stabbed and murdered her daughter, who was five-years-old. It was the child's grandfather, Eustorgio Arellano, who called 911 and informed officials that she had attacked him from behind without any warning. She had stabbed him in both the back and the head. He managed to flee from the household but told deputies that his granddaughter was still inside the house with mom Villanueva. Due to how dangerous the circumstances were, SWAT teams and negotiators were called in, just in case they had to handle a potential hostage situation.







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