Here Are 8 Positive Updates On Covid-19 Outbreak From Across The World. There Is Hope!

Here Are 8 Positive Updates On Covid-19 Outbreak From Across The World. There Is Hope!

We have curated a list of 8 hopeful updates that is sure to put your mind at ease amidst this health crisis.

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With the novel coronavirus spreading rapidly across countries, all we have are nerve-wracking updates flooding our daily feed. However, there is numerous positive news about the pandemic that may not be highlighted as much as it should be. So, we have curated a list of 8 hopeful updates that is sure to put your mind at ease. 

1. Distilleries across the U.S. are providing free hand sanitizers to its residents amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.


Due to the panic surrounding the deadly virus, hand sanitizers have been selling like hotcakes. However, the sudden surge in demand has created an unprecedented shortage of this alcohol-based product. Hoping to combat this shortage, distilleries in Atlanta, Georgia, North Carolina, and Portland have begun making their own sanitation products in their facilities, reports CNN. Ever since the WHO urged people to clean their hands using an alcohol-based rub, several distilleries said they hope to continue producing and providing the bootleg sanitizers until the virus is contained. 

2. The outbreak in South Korea is finally coming under control


After China, South Korea seemed to be the worst-hit country in the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak. Within a 10-day span, in late February, cases mounted to 5000 from mere dozens of clusters, reports Washington Post. By February 29, the nation reached its peak of 909 new infections. But since then the infection has been declining and has reported less than 100 new cases for many days in a row, according to Reuters

3. US researchers have created the first COVID-19 vaccine in an experimental test program

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On Monday, U.S. researchers delivered their first shot of an experimental coronavirus vaccine to its optimistic subjects at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Research Institute in Seattle. Speaking to the Associated Press, 42-year-old Jennifer Haller said, "We all feel so helpless. This is an amazing opportunity for me to do something." After receiving the vaccine she left with a big smile and said, "I’m feeling great." 

4. Air pollution in quarantined cities has reduced significantly 


Satellites reading the air pollution levels over China and Italy have shown a staggering decline in regions that have been hit the hardest by the virus. Reports have estimated that China's quarantine has saved over 100 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere. The same effects have been observed across Italy, with the canals and waterways of Venice appearing clearer than ever. Even the water bodies were reportedly crystal clear in the absence of diesel-powered boats and gondoliers.

5. Johns Hopkins researcher believes that antibodies from recovered COVID-19 patients could help protect those at risk


Apart from Seattle, an immunologist from Johns Hopkins University is also working on developing a cure to slow down the spread in the United States. Reviving a century-old blood-derived treatment, which uses antibodies from the blood plasma or serum of patients who have recovered from COVID-19 infection, the expert hopes to boost the immunity of people who are at risk of contracting the disease and the ones who are newly-infected.

6. Uber Eats supports the North American restaurant industry by waiving delivery fees for 100,000 restaurants


Restaurants have been forced to shut down amidst the coronavirus outbreak but Uber Eats announced they would be removing delivery fees for independent restaurants. "We know the success of every restaurant depends on customer demand. That’s why we’re working urgently to drive orders towards independent restaurants on Eats, to help make up for the significant slowdown of in-restaurant dining," reads their statement. "As more customers are choosing to stay indoors, we’ve waived the Delivery Fee for the more than 100,000 independent restaurants across US and Canada on Uber Eats. We will also launch daily dedicated, targeted marketing campaigns—both in-app and via email—to promote delivery from local restaurants, especially those that are new to the app."

7. Australian researchers are testing two drugs they consider to be potential cures for the virus


Scientists at the Queensland Centre for Clinical Research, have found two different medications that have wiped out traced of the disease in test tubes. The drugs, registered and available in Australia, were administered to a few of the nation's first COVID-19 patients and it resulted in the "disappearance of the virus and complete recovery from the infection," said researcher, according to News.com.au. Currently, the university is looking to conduct a nationwide trial to check its efficiency and tolerance of each drug when administered together and separately. 

8. Here's how businesses and people in the U.S. are supporting each other during the pandemic


Grocery stores such as Dollar General has dedicated a couple of hours to allow the elderly customers, who have been said to be the most at risk of contracting the virus, to shop in peace, reports Fox News. Several athletes and sports teams have also pledged to pay the wages of arena employees. Many landlords, utility companies and automakers are waiving off late fees payments in an effort to ease the financial burden amidst the shutdown.

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