Dog Digs Himself Out Of His Grave After Being Buried Alive By His Cruel Owner

Dog Digs Himself Out Of His Grave After Being Buried Alive By His Cruel Owner

The poor dog was also given a fatal injection before being buried alive, but Kiryusha miraculously survived his horrific ordeal

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Just when you think there is still hope for humanity, it gets dashed when you hear about the cruelty meted out to a voiceless animal. Like any other pet, a German shepherd named Kiryusha deserved to be loved and cherished by his human family until the day he died. Instead, his heartless owners rejected the seven-year-old pooch and left him to die, last year. According to Paws Planet, the poor dog was given a fatal injection before being buried alive. It was indeed a miracle that Kiryusha not only survived the deadly dose but also managed to successfully dig himself out of his own grave. 

After escaping the death trap, the brave dog went around searching for anyone that could help. Sure enough, a guardian angel in the form of 39-year-old Olga Listseva was driving past the highway situated in northern Russia when she chanced upon the dog, according to Metro. She spotted a dog slowly walking in the rain but didn't think much of it initially and kept driving. However, after traveling for about nine miles, she couldn't stop thinking about the dog and decided to return to the spot and rescue it. This turned out to be one of the best decisions that Olga has made in her life. 


Upon returning, she noticed just how tired the dog was and saw certain hopelessness in his eyes. The dog was drenched due to the rain and was exhausted, thus Listseva offered him some food and let him sit at the back of her car. She then embarked upon her 93-mile drive to Ukhta, and Kiryusha slept all the way. Once she reached her destination, she contacted a dog rescue service called Kind City and brought the dog to them. The rescue team immediately shared his pictures on the internet in a bid to find the dog's owners, assuming that someone may have lost him.


Soon they discovered that the dog was from the town of Emva and with the help of the public the team managed to zero in on Kiryusha's owner. However, on contacting them, the rescue workers were left devastated to learn that they had abandoned their pet because he was "unhealthy." Unfortunately, that was not all. The unidentified couple later revealed that they had injected the poor dog with a lethal drug to take his life. After administering the injection, they buried him alive in a remote area located near the Ukhta-Siktifkar Highway. Heartbreakingly for the dog, his owners didn't even consider consulting a vet about his health or even giving him up at a shelter to assure his safety when they no longer wished to take care of him. 

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After arriving at Kind City, professionals ran a battery of tests on the dog and noted that there was no serious medical problem that Kiryusha was suffering from. There was nothing unhealthy about the dog as his owners had claimed. In fact, the only things he was suffering from were hunger, exposure, and a broken heart. The couple claimed that they buried their dog alive because of a "mistake" and apologized for their actions, according to the animal shelter.

"Thanks to Olga, Kiryu has started a new life. At the shelter, he is very calm," said Rescue squad Ekaterina Nimac of the adorable pooch. "He walks on a leash, does not rush anywhere, rarely conflicts with other dogs and does not bark. He is good-natured with people," continued Nimac. Thankfully, it wasn't long before Kiryusha found a loving foster family in the locality who decided to share their home with him. 

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