4-Year-Old Girl Abandoned On Sidewalk, It's Been 4 Days And No One Has Come Forward

4-Year-Old Girl Abandoned On Sidewalk, It's Been 4 Days And No One Has Come Forward

Despite who identified herself as Sidaya, was only wearing a sweater, sweatpants and rain boots when she was found. 

Image Source: Twitter/NYPD Crime Stoppers

A 4-year-old girl who says her name is Sidaya was found abandoned on the corner of a street on Feb 27th, 2021. New York Police discovered the little one roaming around alone, but it's been days since she was discovered and sadly no one has come forward to either claim her or report her missing, reports Fox News. She was found alone in the city's Bronx neighborhood shortly after midnight on Saturday, the New York City Police Department tweeted, as per PEOPLE. Despite the cold weather, Sidaya was only wearing a sweater, sweatpants, and rain boots when she was found. 


Now that no one has come forward to take her home, Sidaya remains in the care of New York City's Administration for Children's Services. NYPD's Tweet was accompanied by a surveillance video that showed a woman walking ahead of Sidaya. She stops at the sidewalk to help the child catch up to her. New York Post reports that the footage is from 10 minutes before the cops discovered the abandoned girl walking around aimlessly. The woman is assumed to be in her 20's and around 5-feet and 2-inches. It is unclear if the woman is connected to the child in any way or if she was just trying to help the girl out. 


After being discovered by the police, Sidaya was taken to a local hospital for evaluation and was listed in good condition, according to News12. Anyone with information is urged to call the police or contact Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS. Calls can be made anonymously. People were heartbroken after getting to know about Sidaya and most people were happy to open their homes to her. They were also upset about her being abandoned at such a young and tender age. One user shared: If that is the mother, shame on her for not reaching out for help, or looking for resources to help her cope. SHE COULD HAVE CONTACTED POLICE, but chose to abandon Sidaya. That was a CHOICE. I hope the truth comes to light!


Another added: Why? Just why?? Poor baby... how do you leave a child on the streets in New York in winter? Or anywhere at anytime for that matter! There are resources out there specifically for these situations. I just don’t understand people. I’ll take her. I’ll love her. A third commented: The mom was overwhelmed. Like its so easy to raise a child. I hope there is empathy, mom needed help, priority to her own home. Meanwhile, big money (private equity firms) taking over all land for luxury building. How many Dad's walk away everyday and nothing is done. Hopefully, the poor child makes it back to her home, or finds another where she is truly loved and appreciated. 


We know there's hope for Sidaya because Tony Mutabazi was someone who was in the foster care since he was two, but on November 12, 2019, he was finally adopted by Peter Mutabazi in Charlotte, North Carolina, as we reported earlier. There is no known detail about his birth parent, though. "He's the nicest, smartest kid I've ever had," Mutabazi said. "From day one, he's always called me 'dad.' He truly meant it and he looks up to me. He's proud to show me at school and say, 'Hey, he's my dad.' That's something that I love about him." There's always light at the end of the tunnel, and hopefully Sidaya is rehomed soon. 


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