Off-Duty Police Officer Shoots His Own Son After Mistaking Him For An Intruder

Off-Duty Police Officer Shoots His Own Son After Mistaking Him For An Intruder

An off-duty Dallas police officer alerted the authorities about the incident that took place on October 26.

A police officer from Texas accidentally shot his adult son after mistaking him for an intruder. It was around  6 pm on October 26, when DeSoto police were alerted about a shooting at the 1400 block of Carriage Creek Drive reports CNN affiliate KTVT-TV. The man who reported this matter identified himself as an off-duty Dallas police officer and informed the authorities of the situation. When police officials arrived at the scene, they found the victim bleeding from his right forearm according to CNN. He was immediately taken to the hospital and given the treatment he required. Thankfully his injuries were not life-threatening, the press release from the DeSoto Police Department said. 



"It was a startling situation, it was an accident," said DeSoto police spokesman, Pete Schulte, while speaking to CNN affiliate KTVT-TV. "And fortunately, we're very happy that it did not result in serious bodily injury or death." Furthermore, he stated that no charges were filed as a result no arrests were made. "The DeSoto Police Department has treated this like every other case that we would have had and we would've handled it the exact same way that if any charges are appropriate later on, they'll be forwarded over to the DA's office for them to make a decision," added Schulte.



The identities of the boy and the officer is yet to be released until the details surrounding the incident have been confirmed the release read. Netizens took to social media to voice their concerns. @MrBooooombasric wrote: I was afraid my dad would do the same thing growing up when I came home late to parties. Another @TravisJ0hnson shared: This is becoming an all to common occurrence. Last week my next door neighbor Doug shot his son with a .44 magnum. Ripped right through the suckers labrum. Please look before your fire. @HarLEE_Kween commented: Sounds about right. Always fearing his life trained to shoot first. Instead of assessing the situation but they don’t have [email protected] training. Drug test him.



@WarriorPoetJT posted: Shoot first with deadly force seems like a bad idea now. I never understand america's addiction to owning the hand of god. However, some like @24_podcast were thankful that the boy would be recovering quickly. That might as well be the definition of unfortunate. Thank God the young man will recover physically.....probably gonna be an awkward Thanksgiving though, he expressed


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