This 91-Year-Old Police Officer Has No Plans To Retire Until "The Good Lord Says So"

This 91-Year-Old Police Officer Has No Plans To Retire Until "The Good Lord Says So"

LC "Buckshot" Smith has worked in law enforcement for over 56 years now.

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Most people work as hard as they can to earn money during their youthful days. The motive is to save up enough so they don't have to worry about life post-retirement. But for LC "Buckshot" Smith, retirement is something he has never even considered. The 91-year-old police officer from Arkansas, who loves his work and wouldn't have it any other away, has worked in law enforcement for over 56 years now. With mere months to go until his 92nd birthday in May, the officer says he will retire "when the good lord says so," according to CNN



Smith hails from a small town in Arkansas called Camden. He served as a sheriff deputy for 46 years before retiring. But his retirement lasted mere months as it did not take him long to realize just how much he missed work. Public Relations Officer Dana Weatherby revealed that "Buckshot" Smith is known throughout the town. He is greatly loved by everyone who makes it a point to stop and talk whenever they see him. When asked why he loves doing what he does so much, Smith revealed that it was the excitement of being an officer of the law that encouraged him. Apparently, it was also the reason behind him joining the force back in the 1960s. 



Everyone who knows the police officer has nothing but good things to say about him, even Texann Shadden. The training coordinator at the department described "Buckshot" Smith as one of the most dedicated people. Backing up these claims, Shadden recalled how the 91-year-old walked about three blocks to work when heavy snowfall had obstructed him from getting his car out. Obviously, Smith is not someone who can stay still for a long time and that is exactly how Weatherby describes the man's work ethics. 



Smith, who had even worked as a court bailiff at one point, is said to be a key part of annual festivals in Camden. He has conducted the neighborhood watch and has sent himself on calls after hearing them come across his radio. "Buckshot" Smith, a forthcoming officer, is a cherished member of the force. Shadden added that Smith's knowledge of the town and his lengthy time on the force helped him a lot. Apart from still working as a policeman, Smith likes to attend church services and spend some quality time with his lady friend during his weekly three days off. 



Smith's rare work ethic is shared by 92-year-old Ike Baker. We reported in 2019 that he has been working at McDonald's for over two decades. When asked about retirement, Baker said he hopes to work there for "at least another ten years." The Korean War veteran loves his role as a host at the eatery in Dayton, Tennesse. His regular duties include ensuring customers have whatever they need, and greeting them as they enter the fast-food restaurant. Manager Sabina Kaylor revealed that Baker is quite popular among everyone there and that he is still quite active and sharp. 


In July the same year, Oliver Grogan was announced as the oldest employee at a McDonald's situated opposite Windsor Castle. The 83-year-old began working at the Windsor, Berks' outlet in 1991 when he was 55. Just like Baker, Grogan's role too was of a customer care assistant who besides being the host was also assigned to take meals to the respective tables. "Oliver is a really valued member of our team and is very popular with us all," said the owner of the McDonald's Atul Pathak. "I am very proud to have an employee like Oliver working in one of my restaurants and truly admire his dedication." Grogan, who was allowed to pick whichever shift he liked, expressed, "I love working with my colleagues here, we have a lot of fun together. I look forward to coming into the restaurant each week to see both my team and customers."

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