Police Officer Found A Tampon In His Starbucks Coffee

Police Officer Found A Tampon In His Starbucks Coffee

The event, which took place inside a Target where the cop bought the drink, is now being investigated by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department.

Image Source: Twitter/@FaerieWhings (Representative)

An officer from the Los Angeles Police Department claims to have found a tampon in his Starbucks Frappuccino while he was off-duty. The cop was already halfway through his drink when he made the revolting discovering in Diamond Bar, in eastern Los Angeles County, California. The cop had reportedly paid for the drink using his credit union debit card before finding the tampon, an act which is being described as a "disgusting" assault on an officer by police unions. Then he confronted the staff of the store about it although it's unclear if he was in his uniform or not. 


The event is now being investigated by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department (LASP), who has already collected CCTV footage from the Starbucks store, inside a Target, where the officer bought the drink, reports Daily Mail. "Walnut Station Detectives are investigating an incident of the alleged poisoning of food or drink at a local business. The incident was reported to have occurred Friday, June 19, 2020, at approximately ‪2:30 p.m.‬, on the 700 block of Grand Avenue in the city of Diamond Bar. The victim was a male White 36 years-old. This is an ongoing investigation. No further information is available at this time," read the statement released by The Walnut station. 


"This disgusting assault on a police officer was carried out by someone with hatred in their heart and who lacks human decency," expressed the LA Police Protective League while speaking to Fox 11. In response to the ongoing investigation, Target said, "We take this allegation seriously. We have reviewed video footage and have not found any suspicious behavior. We have shared the video with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and look forward to the conclusions of their investigation." The incident happened during a time when many Americans are protesting against police brutality and their use of unnecessary force for the Black community.


While the LA Police Protective League claimed that the act was committed by a person "with hatred in their heart," they added, "We hope they are publicly exposed, fired, arrested, and prosecuted for their cowardly and repugnant actions." But the fact that police are investigating whether someone deliberately placed a tampon in the coffee cup has enraged many who immediately criticized cops for laying more importance on it than the case of George Floyd, who was seen on camera passing out as Minneapolis officers continued placing their weight on the Black, unarmed man's neck. 


User Susie Bradford took to Twitter and wrote: "When #policebrutality is caught on tape: let's not rush to judgment when an alleged tampon is allegedly found in a cop's frappuccino: THIS EVIL MUST BE DESTROYED". But there were some who expressed that the act was indeed gross and urged people not to mess with people's food. User Beth Fullerton shared: I’m sorry, but that is just gross. Don’t mess with people’s food, please. I am fully behind changing how police act & what happens when they don’t follow those changes. They have to be held accountable. So do people that mess with people’s food.


On June 5, three officers based in the Bronx claimed they were poisoned. The cops were on protest duty in Lower Manhattan and had ordered milkshakes from Shake Shack. After allegedly smelling and tasting something weird they suspected there was black in it. Although they never felt sick, the officers threw away the drink. The incident was then escalated to a criminal investigation  as caution tapes wee put up, evidence was collected, and the Detective's Endowment Association claimed that the officers were "intentionally poisoned."

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