Virginia Cop Delivers A Soulful Rendition Of Gospel Song 'The Best Of Me' In Heartfelt Video

Virginia Cop Delivers A Soulful Rendition Of Gospel Song 'The Best Of Me' In Heartfelt Video

Mayo, a Richmond police officer recently became an internet sensation after uploading a video of him singing a beautiful rendition of 'The Best of Me.'

Image Source: Facebook/Mervin Mayo

Amidst the ongoing health crisis, people like Mervin Mayo are making our day a little better with their wholesome actions. Mayo, a Richmond officer recently became an internet sensation after uploading a video of him singing a beautiful rendition of the 'The Best of Me.' Earlier this month, the police officer posted the musical video on Facebook along with the caption: "When everyone else around could only see my failures, God saw the best in Me... it doesn't matter what I did, because God sees me for who I am.... He knows MY heart…"


It is not every day that we get the opportunity to witness this wonderful side of policemen, who otherwise appear to be pretty tough. As expected, people appreciated Mayo opening up about his faith in God and sharing his flawless musical talents with the world. As a result, his impressive footage was viewed over 1.2 million times and liked by over 24,000 users. In a post by the Richmond Police Department on Facebook, Officer Mayo shared his inspiration in singing the Marvin Sapp classic. "I’ve always been inspired by this song, but for some reason, I couldn’t get it out of my head. So, I had to get to a piano immediately to minister to myself," said Mayo who has been in the Richmond Police Department since 2005, according to WTVR.


"Know that, no matter what you are going through, there is a higher power that looks beyond your faults and see your needs," continued Mayo, who serves as a school resource officer at Richmond Alternative School currently. He then went on to express his love for singing and added that it's a huge part of who he is. "I sing in or out of uniform at the drop of a dime," he said. "I had just gotten off work and stopped by the church, where I am a minister of music, on the way home to do Praise and Worship for myself. I have to minister to myself before I can minister to someone else." He also takes part in Richmond’s Police Athletic League (PAL) program as a referee and mentor. Mayo is also an active singer at RPD and PAL events, according to NBC12


The officer's soulful voice is resonating with people all over the world who have shared his clip over 45,000 times. Praising the officer, user Ma Ma CeeCee wrote: I don't know Officer Mayo you are one of the first persons that I heard minister this song like the originator my brother from another mother Bishop Sapp. Not only did you sang it but you could feel your spirit and heart in it as well. An officer that carries out the law and shares His law is a great asset to any police department. Thank you Richmond for allowing your officers to display their true character and talent. I actually had to close my office door and give God praise!! Another Alberta Peal has a unique request. I love your voice could you please sing this song for my home going I live in Buffalo NY. I'm not planning on leaving anytime soon but it would.be an honor, she wrote.


During an interview with CBS 6, Mayo revealed that he never expected his video to have such a strong impact on people beyond his community. "I never expected this outcome… at all," he said adding how he often posts videos of his rehearsals on social media but this was the first time that one of them started making waves. "I do that to try to perfect my craft for Sundays," he added explaining that he records his singing to critique himself. "Basically, it was a rehearsal, I recorded it and decided it’s alright. I’ll post it. Somebody might like it. I might get two likes or something," he said of the video which is now viral. Speaking about his job, he continued, "I have a really, really good relationship with the kids. I can relate, I’m from Richmond. I grew up in Creighton Court… so, I can relate to what they’re going through." 


"I know this sounds cliché, but I am music. When I think of music, I am music. Yes, I’m a police officer, but I’m music," said Mayo who began singing in the church choir when he was merely eight or nine. "When I’m on this piano and singing, nothing else matters." Mayo plans on preaching, which is his true calling, within the next few years. "It really doesn't matter what you're going through. The song says, "God sees the best in you," he said of his encouraging viral video. 

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